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Ridiculous Photo Ideas Involving a Shitload of Guns?


My time in the army is coming to an end. 82 days left to be exact. I need some cheesy/funny/ridiculous ideas for photos to remember this time by.

The equipment we have at hand is:
5-10 assault rifles, 1 heavy duty bazooka, 2 light weight bazookas and an armoured vehicle.


Well, the obvious one is you holding all of those things at the same time.

The next one, which is not obvious to me, is you holding them, but naked.


Execute a Somalian orphan with all of the weapons at once, make a gif out of it, and make that your avatar on T-Nation.


Two guys squaring off in the circle of death (other guys standing in a circle holding guns.) pointing the bazookas at each other.


and this stuff is just...around. Laying on the ground. Not locked behind doors or in an...i don't know, an armory?


this! WIN


the military is weird man. you'll have dudes over there in the middle east (kuwait) with weapons locked in a conex.

othertimes you'll have 30+ machine guns just laying around on the floor with people walking around them


You could shove the bazooka up your ass and take a pic?


that is both awesome and horrifying.


haha, so true.


You could be blindfolded, tied to a telephone pole, smoking a cigarette, with 8-13 of your buddies aiming guns at you.


HM is looking big and secksie


Dude thats so wrong. So wrong that I seriously cant stop laughing


....You could form a naked human pyramid out of Iraqis. Or have a female with a cigarette in her mouth, pointing and laughing at your dick.