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Ridiculous PCT Instructions from Doctor

After 4 months of TRT, I decided to come off due to worsening sleep and libido. I also discovered during that 4 months that I had some severe thyroid/adrenal issues that need tending too.

My doctor prescribed me 25 mg of clomid a day for 8 weeks. No problem there. THEN, he prescribed HCG and instructed that I take 500 IUs 3x/week for the next 8 weeks also.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t HCG suppressive to the HPTA?? Doesn’t that totally defeat the purpose of the clomid which is to stimulate my HPTA production of LH?

I understand HCG is important for preserving testicular function, but I used HCG during my 4 months of TRT so that shouldn’t be an issue moving forward…

Please find and read the HPTA restart sticky.
That is definitive.

You now have 14 threads and your case in unmanageable as context is an easer egg hunt.

We have resolved many thyroid and/or adrenal issues with guys on TRT. [Did we miss something?]

I read the HPTA restart sticky. It indicates HCG should not be used during PCT. However, I have medical authority (aka my doctor) saying otherwise and it’s causing me confusion.

With all due respect, I wasn’t asking for help managing my case or any health problems. If I had been, then I would have posted lab work. I’m simply asking in regards to the use of HCG during PCT. Guess I’m moving forward with clomid only. Thank you.

You use hCG or SERM or a sequence, but never at the same time. The sticky covers cases were hCG is not available.

So you can use hCG during a restart, just not hCG+clomid at the same time.