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Ridiculous News Story on FOX



And no, this wasn't on The Onion.


I like how they recreated the bear escaping into the woods and climbing the tree. LMAO. What a joke.


that shit is not real


LOL thanks that was the funniest thing I've seen in a while.


That was fantastic.


he shouldve had the "bear" fly over a neighbors porch...that wouldve made the story legit! are there really no other stories for these newscasters to cover? how about old Miss Huginstenstein down at the local bingo club who has recently won TWICE...in a row!


Wow, how idiotic. I live in North Vancouver where having your trash can raped by a bear once monthly is pretty common.

"Scat is a nature word for poop." Unbelievable.


I actually saw this on FOX when it aired. Its legit.


It doesn't look like a national newscast though. I could see a local station airing it.

Even for a local station it seems too corny. A guy in a bunny suit going "I'm ok"?


Well, that's my city's FOX news.

It is a local station, FOX8 in Cleveland.


It looks like something from the Colbert Report. I lol'ed.


it looks like something from the Daily Show circa 1999 - when Colbert was on it.