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Ridiculous Made-Up Lifts


I see a lot of ridiculous looking stuff in the gym, and sometimes it makes me wonder if people are trying hard to make all of this crazy shit up. It also makes me think that it would be fun to think of ridiculous made-up training movements:

I will start with the Snatch-Grip Sumo Rack Pull from Platform with Bands and Reverse Bands.

The more useless and unnecessary overcomplications, the better.

Do your worst.


Euro Training... look it up on youtube.


One arm barbell snatches with mini bands seem like a particularly suicidal choice. Maybe one arm overhead single leg barbell squats with chains. Oh and both have to be done on a bosu ball, obviously.


I've been told that both front squats and deadlifts are ridiculous things that I made up.


LOL , I bet people with chicken legs say that


That ridiculous rack pull/ssb good morning gem that the guys from the METAL gym in Finland were doing a while back in their videos takes the cake for me.

The just need to find a way to add bands to it and it will be completely gimmicked out.


Hell i've practically been told that weight training period doesn't really exist. Some people are just so very special.


i see kids at the gym doing like a bench pressbut they only lock out, kinda
cuz they dont really lock out but they get like 2in of movement, and their using the ez curl bar


ive been told that the deadlift doesnt do anything and its useless, say the kids that cant even lift two plates of the floor..pssh punks


I did a shirted, reverse band two board press once. True story.


unilateral dips (one handed).


haha a guy at my gym does them (on a bench though) but he is crazy ripped so i figure its ok


I see tons of weird looking shoulder movements.


I seen someone do this but with 500lbs of chain weight and 1000lbs of bar weight.....soo with the reverse bands she was deadlifting 1000lbs......I thinks....


The Saxon Press.


"Air" Barbell Pull-Ups! I shit you not.

A hard charging trainee in another other land convincingly held my bewildered ear about the benefits of dynamic isometric tensioning exercises for strength and calisthenics prowess. He was demonstrating the "Air" Pull-Up with an unloaded barbell to a very captive audience on introduction day.

Sadly, he was his unit's PTI; big, well built, legs like tree trunks, well-toned and cut... but it ended there. Needless to say the next day he completely failed the CRFT we gave with a whooping 14 Dead Hang Pull-Ups and we had "given" him two or three of those out of mercy. Back to the drawing board there buddy. His strength, power, stamina, and endurance were nil on the scale.

For the remainder of the course he was ordered to demonstrate a different exercise everyday at morning muster... he was an excellent motivation tool to say the least!

An aside... he was a genetic freak and had to do very little to look the way he did. Believe me after seven months we had transformed him into a machine and he became one of the best amphib operators I ever had trained.

The man was a mule, could hump forever, and would happily carry half his fire team's gear without complaint and was one of the few men I have seen carry a hidden mortar base plate like an extra pairs of socks!


Someone this did weird looking exercise a few months ago. I think he was trying to do DB shrugs or upright rows, but instead of stopping at the top portion of the shrug, he continues by bending the elbows and bringing the DBs up his sides to his armpits. Sort of look like a chimpanzee scratching its armpits.


hell yeah!!


yah I've seen a lot of that, not sure what their trying to do


Hang high pulls, or some goofy attempt at them.