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Ridiculous: Gold's Gym Truce



I think a lot of people will find this story to be ridiculous. My uncle used to workout at this gym but quit because he hated the atmosphere. He hated waiting for BYU students to finish using equipment because they would go at such a low intensity, trying not to break a sweat, in order to find their future spouses in between sets.


The only truly interesting thing in all of that is that someone feels the need to sign a petition stating they won’t view anything deemed “questionable”. Questionable to whom? There were people who complained about the movie Bambie went it first came out because the mother deer got shot. I would hate to see what would happen if scores of idiots like that started controlling other aspects of society.


Geebus, being from Utah, do you think Mormons had anything to do with this?


That is so great. Blinds for aerobics rooms coming soon! Great, now the 200-lbs. residents there won’t have to worry about the men leering after them during their 6 P.M. Lo-Impact Fat-Burning Classes.


There are parts of Utah that have a very high Mormon population, this Gold’s is in one of them.

Other parts of the state would laugh at this, it’s all about location.

Where I live, this would never happen. But to answer the earlier question, Mormons do control pockets of Utah. Just not as much as people might think.


I love it how they have an ad for blinds just below the article.

An who’s “family values” are they upholding? Shit, in some countries/ cultures, going to the gym period would be considered “pornographic” simply because women might wear shorts or something equally “inapropriate”. Fucking lame.


Sheeple crack meup.

If I find something objectionable, I DON"T LOOK AT IT. Don’t like what their doing in aerobics class? Quit staring and get your lazy ass in the squat rack. Don’t like what’s on TV? Change the channel, or(horrors) turn it off.

Just proves that people will find anything they can to whine about.


Fuck your family values. Seriously.

I love it when people like to impose their views on others.

They should show nothing BUT high quality porn so that all those fat, skinny, weak people feel bad about how fugly they are.


Loose Tool, like Utah Llama already pointed out, the Mormons definitely played role.

Utah Llama is right, the Mormon church doesn’t control everything in Utah. This Gold’s Gym is in Utah County, which is really religious and where I am from. It is so much different than Salt Lake, where I am living right now because of school.


Is it’s gold’s or god’s gym?

Free market should sort this out rather easily. You feel offended? Then quit.