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Ridiculous Back Pain After Heavy Squatting - Help

Ok, so I need some help here.
I was squatting heavy after two weeks of light weight power reps no belt no wrist wraps and it was a fairly heavy but easy weight to move. I went for 5 but after the 3rd rep I couldn’t move up. I went back down to the squat position after I realised my back gave out and I had no spotter so I dropped the weight behind and dropped forward. I got up and had a severe back pain. I kept pressing it and went to bench after my first set of squat.
I worked out with a bad back and was walking with pain but was walking.
I drove home and man it took me a soul to get out of my car and in my place. I was walking with hands on knees and felt as if my right hip was shifted. I literally had to crawl on the stairs and reach my room. The next day I can walk but after a few seconds it’s ridiculously hurting. My torso looks tilted I can’t stand 100% upright and my upper body is slanted. It hurts to straight up. I saw an ortho who checked it and had previously told me that “working out and deadlifts and squats are bad for health etc etc” and told me your disc might’ve bulged our or something like “it’s possibly your discs”
He told me to rest for a few days/week(s) and then see what’s the issue and told me you can possibly train again later.
I might see another ortho but anyone knows what it could be? If it’s lasting for long or beyond or just a little tweak? I’m really out of my mind atm send help
I’ve had something similar before but it was lesser in pain but now I was walking with my hands on my knees(I know sounds weird and hysterical but is not) and my torso bent to side.
Oh and today I’m able to walk alright but not very upright but with pain.

I’m not trained, educated or qualified. But your description sounds like this;


One of your “deep postural muscles” ( I think your Psoas) is like cramped, or locked tight, twisting you forward and to one side. And pulling painfully on everything it’s attached to.

Laying in the 90/90 position can help things relax.

If you can get the glutes/hamstrings/abs to work, you may be able to loosen up your Psoas.

You also may be able to get some relief by rolling out or massaging your right lat and right “inner leg” or adductor. Be careful, if you’re really locked up you don’t want to be too crazy or aggressive. Also, be careful with stretching while everything is tight and irritated.

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Is this your first back tweak? If so it can be frightening, but mostly it’s just a slight muscle tear and those 'll pass in a few days or weeks depending on the damage. If you were able to finish your workout it should not be too bad, although it might feel so right now.

Just keep moving as hard as it is. Heat wil help.

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I can stand but after a few seconds it hurts and my position falls off. They say it’s the discs but my back looks ok just that my postural alignment is messed up. I hope it doesn’t cut my training off forever. I’ll try the 90 bent, thanks.

I walked it off after it, I was all right but it was hurting bad. After an hour or so damn lord I get like I’m gonna collapse. Not the first time though, before it was like hurting me but I was able to stand straight not slanted. Idk man it freaked me out for real first.

Hope the pain goes away. It may take a few weeks. Maybe the barbell isn’t agreeing with your back. Were you practicing barbell squats?

Probably a bad strain. Dont do much the first 2-3 days other than walks to keep things as loose as you can. Like @FlatsFarmer said, you’re locked up and inflamed from the acute injury/response. Ibuprofen will help. As it starts to loosen up, add in core stabilization stuff like dead bugs, bird dogs, side planks etc. Take it slow though.

Some of my strains have been so bad i locked up and my torso was crooked. It typically takes 1-2 weeks for things to loosen up. Inflammation is a bitch!

Odds are youre fine, but yes its scary! Once youve done it 10x not so much lol.

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Yes, heavy bar squats after 2 weeks but we’re suppose db to be easy
Idk what happened
And thanks

Haha, exactly what I hoped to hear. Man I was so frozen I thought it’s an end to lifting career. Even the doctors said like “it’s probably disc” etc etc
I’m better now man, I hope this goes away soon.
That’s the price we pay I guess, how did your torso strain happened?

Wow lol. Update here
It’s been better though but my back still hurts bad. I’m also an mma fighter, everytime I throw a punch hard af, the twisting in my hips kinda hurts my back. Dodging hurts takedown hurts. I’ve been off properly squatting and deadlifting for long now. The physio said its possibly a ql thing. Does injury that lasts over a year and a half stay forever or does it go some time and isn’t something to worry about

Could very well be a tight QL. Once injured, the QL will often get really tight. Have you tried daily stretching and rolling? Lacross ball works well on QL. NOT foam roller.

QL will ruin your life if you dont keep it supple.

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Athlean-X has a good video (all of them are good, to be honest) about the QL:

I recommend perusing his videos for more videos pertaining to pain.