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Rider Suspended 6 mo for 149 mph


Two thoughts I have on it:

First, kudos to the officers involved for neither employing "professional courtesy" or being put off about not getting it, as sometimes happens. Clearly everyone involved acted very professionally.

Second, the whole concept that 149 mph is necessarily risky or awful or any of that sort of thing is just such nonsense. Even in a car in many areas there are many places where it's perfectly safe if there is no traffic. On a motorcycle, even more so.

If you counted all the times that I've been to 150 on a bike and then perhaps within seconds back down to 60 or whatever, and gave me 6 months suspension for each time, I'd be suspended for lifetimes to come.

There's nothing to it. It takes only seconds to get up there and seconds back down if need be.

The law can be an ass. (I'm not referring to the officers, I'm referring to the process and treating given speeds as supposedly being inherently reckless.)


is it so hard to just follow the rules that are posted for us to abide by? honestly. no one needs to go that fast, regardless of where you are or who you're around.


It's the fuckheads that have more money than skill that ruin the fun for the rest of OP...150 miles an hour calms me down and jacks me up at the same time.There are certain roads I do this on and at certain times so I'm usually alone and no harm to anyone.I've blown by cops doing 150 going the opposite direction and they didn't even turn around to catch me.Sometimes ya get lucky.

In Toronto they crushed two street racers cars as a publicity stunt a couple of years ago. Never happen in America but hear in Canada we are sheep.

You get pinched here doing 150 and your fined in the thousands,supended and beg to get your license back.I'd wager it's alot longer than a six months suspension as well.


Dang. I hit 170 on night highways. Very safe on a smooth 4 lane wide road and NO cars for miles. What a rush. I'll never forget it.


Aww, looks like someone got some sand in his vagina.

Of course no one NEEDS to go that fast. But it's fun, and it can be done safely. If the rider isn't putting other lives in danger, it's none of your concern.

Chris: Mr Quagmire, what does "hic-a-doo-la" mean?
lifter85: It's obeying all the rules!



I was curious to know, what do some of those speed bikes get mileage wise, and how big of a tank do they come with?


LOL. I hit 150 on the freeway last week. It wasn't for long but there was a very long straight stretch that had no cars and I could see a mile in front of me. It was perfect, especially since I don't often get the chance just to see how fast my bike can go. Is it hard to follow the rules? Gee, no....that's why we got bikes...so we can smoothly ride around the rules.

Mind you, some idiot is going to take this to mean that the goal is to ride like a jackass and that is not the point. If you are the type of person who always plays it safe and NEVER pushes the limits or never takes any risk at all, then you probably aren't the type to have a motorcycle in the first place, let alone a sport bike.


My buddy races his RC51 and claims to get 40mpg+ riding it around town.



I got about 30 mpg with the ZX-12R. The gas tank was 5 gallons.


LOL you got a bike?

Shit. So not only are you fucking huge but you ride a motorcycle too.

Badass x 2


I've been riding for about 6 years now. My first bike was a brand new 2004 YZF R6. After getting teased about how small I made the bike look, I traded up to a 1000CBRR Honda 2006 model. I want my next to be a Hyabusa, but I think I want to hold onto my CBR from here on out. That bike is like my horse.


That's funny, I can't imagine too many MD's with bikes, are you one of the few of your friends with a bike Prof?


While I dont disagree with the safety of going that fast on a bike... The rules are rules.. if you dont wanna play by them and you get caught then you have to pay the consequences..




Many of those same "rules" will get you killed on a bike if you were to follow them like you and the poster above seem to think. If some 18 wheeler rides along side of me, it would be in my best interest to speed the fuck up and get ahead of it so he can see me and so I am no longer riding right next to it or behind it. If that means SPEEDING, so fucking be it. I would rather "break the rules" than get my ass killed.

Also, anyone on a bike knows that some of these fools drive like they are really trying to run you over. I ride "ahead of traffic" because of this and most cops around here seem to understand that as long you aren't flat out drag racing. The ones who don't are either assholes or have never been on a bike themselves before.

Riding a bike is NOTHING like driving a car because of the many extra factors that need to be considered that no one even thinks about when on four wheels. If I get sweat in my eyes while riding in heavy traffic, I am fucked...yet that Nissan Maxima behind me doesn't give a shit and will gladly run me the fuck over as I try to pull over just to wipe my face.

What non-riders may see as "speeding" is often necessary riding on a motorcycle, especially one that can actually keep up with traffic.


sweeet my friend loves his honda cbrr. Calls it his baby. I'm thinking of getting a yamaha r1 when I finish school. After seeing my friend get his, I've gotten the bug.


my question is, WTF did she stop for a cop when she was going 150? They aren't gonna chase you. No way a car can keep up, the power to weight ratio of a bike is just far superior.


yeah that's a good point lol. unless they have a helicopter readily available in the area:D...


If you can do 155 I believe or better the cops will not catch you.

Even the helicopters cant sustain that for more than a minute or so before they over-rev.

Police interceptors can do better than 150 but that is considered a huge risk to them and the public, and even if they did chase you at those speeds, they would run out of gas before a bike would at 150.