Riddle Me This II

A dude buys a 10 lb. jug of protein and takes it home. He then puts something in the jug, and now the jug weighs LESS than it did before. What did he put in the jug?


a hole in the bottom.

Thanks for making me feel extremely stupid.

I hate riddles.

your brain! hahaha!

battery acid, that disolved all the protein and ate through the container?

his scooper

gotta go with the scoop, too…


A Hole! The only thing you can add to something and make it lighter is a HOLE.(Negative matter)

50 years ago the same riddle was with a bucket.


how could the scooper make it weigh less???

The guy who did that seems pretty stupid to me, i’d just take the whole 10lbs, why less?

Vacuum Cleaner?

a protien eating hamster!

REALLY REALLY bad protein!

His big ass meat mitt and pulled some of the powder out of the jug and made a mess all over the counter top. Messy fucker.

i like the hole.

get your minds out of the gutter!

but honestly, if there’s anything to put in protein to make it less then it really is, it must be…