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For all the movie experts out there: What do you think about this new “Chronicles of Riddick” movie with Diesel? It look righteously good as far as trailers go. Anyone have any info?

you know it appears to be a sequel to pitch black, the suspense/sci-fi flick from a few years back… which i liked a lot, mainly for the spare nature of the movie. it wasn’t jam packed with epic-ness, but rather focused intensely on the fight of the moment.
riddick has cool trailers, but… don’t they remind you of all the ground covered visually/fx-wise in all of the star wars movies and maybe in dune and the matrix?
of course… there are more to movies than visuals, but then again, it is a vin deisel movie.

Isn’t the new movie more of a pre-quel to “Pitch Black?” It seems like he said it was when he was on Leno, or Letterman or something a while back.

It’s supposed to take place after Pitch Black— like 5 years from what I’ve read. I’m definitely looking foreward to seeing it, as I’m a big fan of Vin.
I’m just hoping that it doesn’t suffer from the “Hollywood Hype” disease that screws up so many movie series that were spawned from a great original movie. (i.e.-- the Batman movies, the Jaws movies, etc.)

Not a prequel… Just one of his chronicled adventures. I too cannot wait for this movie to come out. The first one was excellent! Looks like we have a pretty good summer crop of movies this year!

I guess I need to go out and rent Pitch Black. Maybe I will pick up some clues there…

Pitch Black was a pretty good movie. The only vin movie I have liked.

if its got vin diesel, its got to be good

Sorry, Pitch Black was a lousy assed movie. Very predictable. Oh well.

Vin Diesel is my idol so I am obliged to go and see it, also one of my bro’s buddies is one of the cast members.I wanted to go over to Vancouver and try to get a part in the movie, but being a student it just wasn’t feasible. Regardless I was pretty pissed off when I learned that my bro’s buddy got a part(he said that my bro is as tall as Diesel but Diesel has bigger arms). Another bonus, not only is Diesel in the movie but Colm Feore too! I think it will be a good testosterone driven action flick. The Xbox game looks pretty sweet too.

Vin Diesel has got to be one of the worst actors to grace the action-movie screen since Dolph Lungren. Seriously, I’ve seen better acting in porn movies.

But he’s got the cool look, and his movies have lots of big-budget special effects, so I don’t think the movie will be an abject failure. I may even rent it on DVD when it comes out just to see the special effects…

OK guys. Thanks for the pre-quel sequel info. I guess I wasn’t paying much attention when he was talking about making it, but it’s been a good while since I saw that.

Anyway, looks like it could be pretty good.

Hey boston

Got a question for ya, what did you think of Boiler room?

Personally thought having Vin ( full sleeves shirts and no special effects) helped the movie out. Not that any insult is meant to any of the other guys.

Boiler Room is an awesome movie! I think it had a great cast: Vin, Scott Caan, Giovanni Ribisi, Jamie Kennedy, Nicky Katt, Nia Long. Most of the people I know thought that the movie was pretty boring, I guess you have to have an interest in the financial industry to enjoy it (my friends were pretty confused throughout the movie).

As for the comments of Vin Diesel being a terrible actor, I would have to disagree. I think he is an excellent actor however he is mostly involved in action films (Chronicles of Riddick, XXX, Fast and the Furious,Pitch Black) which limits his potential to exhibit his full acting abilitiy. He had good ‘emotional’ performances in Saving Private Ryan and A Man Apart. I would like to see his self produced/financed film festival movies, has anybody seen those?

I just wonder if he got as shredded for this film as he was in Pitch Black, you could run a finger nail through his cuts. He looked totally different then, as opposed to now, not as much gear I am thinking

I don’t think any of his indie films are avalible now, but they’re working on getting “Strays” released on DVD soon. As soon as it is I’m buying a copy for sure.
As for the Action/Drama thing; Vin’s said in some interviews before that he tries to alternate between high action blockbuster-type movies (because they pay way better) and lower-key dramas to avoid being typecast as “the token leg-breaker guy.” It gives him some credibility as a reasonably versatile actor… more than most guys with his look, anyway.

No offense guys, but I thought Boiler Room was a third rate ripoff of Wall Street. The worst acting in the movie had to go to Ben Affleck though.

I’m definitely going to have to buy Strays when it comes out.

I liked Wall Street despite the fact it was made when I was two years old, Gekko the brilliant financier!

I don’t believe that Diesel is/was on roids. I think he has been lifting since he was 16 or something…if you lift(wisely) for 15+ years you tend to have a pretty good physique. Most of hollywood’s action stars whom were lifters prior to acting (ie:Schwarzenegger,Diesel,) tend to lose some size/definition after stardom; working on set is typically not predicatable and usually very long/energy depleting. And although they have unlimited fitness resources the culture of hollywood is kind of a kick in the ass for those with good exercise habits.

I’m kind of choked that Vin Diesel wont be in XXX2, I mean Ice Cube has been in some good movies, but I’m a bigger fan of Diesel.

I thought it was the cronicles of Riddick Bowe. He gets out of prison and has to fight to save the planet. Seriously, the trailers look even crappier than Pitch Black. It looks like the big budget action movies with too much special effects and just too much “stuff” going on, and not enough story or acting. Like the new James Bond movies. You watch one and go, “What the fuck just happened? I know a lot of stuff blew up and some people got shot, but what was the point of it all?”

For some reason, I’m a big fan of Ben Affleck’s, maybe because Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies.

SO everything he does is seen thru a rose colored lens…which brings me to:

I admit Affleck is a pretty limited actor. Most of the time, he’s below average, and sometimes he’s horrible.

He’s good in limited doses, to me anyway.
He can’t carry a whole movie, that’s for sure.

But I really enjoyed the 2 minutes he was in Boiler Room.
Just had to get that out there.