Ricotta Cheese?

How does ricotta cheese compare nutritionally to cottage cheese? Is ricotta a good source of casein as well?

Cheese in general is made up of casein.

And ricotta is very similiar to cottage cheese. It also comes in various levels of milk fat.

ok…so then why is ricotta nowhere to be found in anyones nutritional plan here depsite the fact that it is far less grotesque than cottage cheese? Any reasons?

is it the fat profile? Maybe organic, low carb cheese would have some better fats (good CLA, MCT’s?).

It’s in mine- I make my grow pie out of it and it has a different consis. that is a welcomed change. I like it alot

riccotta is more for going on salads and stuff like that, not eating it on its own…

Hm, it’s my knowledge that cottage consists mainllly of casein whereas ricotta consists mainly of whey. I dont recall the source however, so take it for what it is.

Ricotta is whey based, has less protein than cottage cheese and more carbs. Not a good substitute for cottage cheese, but perhaps good for a change every once in a while.