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Rico Suave'

Hey Guys it’s been a while since my last post hope I haven’t been forgotten.

Okay, here goes. I’m somewhat of a shy guy, I don’t get choked up when talking to females or anything like that but I don’t possess the ability to strut my shit up to a girl i’ve never seen before and “get my mac on” if ya know what i mean? I’m a good looking guy, well spoken, very respectful, and I’ve been fortunate with wemon considering my delima.

What I’m looking for is maybe some good material too start a quick conversation on. Quick and to the point, I realize that Practice makes perfect and not every guy pocesses this “talent”, but some good practice material would be great. Women to, especially Karma and Patricia. Let me know what makes you smile?

How about “hi”?

Jeez, just get used to starting conversations with EVERY ONE, every where you go. Just make comments and see what kind of response you get. I did this to work on my social skills and be able to start up conversations all the time. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman (though I’m off the market, so I have no hidden agenda). Give it a shot.

try fastseduction.com/youarenew

You can also do a search here on the forum for author “James”, who posted extensively on this topic not too long ago.