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Ricky Williams Tests Positive


Ricky Williams failed another drug test.

It looks like he is out for the 2006 season.

Do you think it was intentional?

Will he have to pay back his bonus money?


I think I read somewhere that if he did infact fail another test that he would have to pay back all of the bonus money. I guess his holistic medicine just wasn't cutting it.


Intentional? Not sure. He knew he got tested every week, so it doesn't make sense to smoke the reefer....maybe it was subliminally. Who knows.

At this point, he deserves what he gets.


Sad. What a waste. He's out a year now. Looks like he just loves weed too much. It was a lot of fun watching him run a couple of years back.


I think he actually missed a test, not failed one. Under the NFL policy he faces suspension for even missing a test.

There are reports he is in India and has missed a test. Maybe he can get a job in a customer service call center to pay all of that money back to the Dolphins...


I think that he just likes to smoke.


Just saw this piece:


If the report is correct, not only did he actually fail a drug test, but apparently the drug was not marijuana.

Does anyone recall if the NFL rules actually state what drug a player was taking when they fail a drug test? We all know Ricky was smoking pot before, but I cannot remember if that is because it was announced by the NFL or if Ricky just came out and admitted it.

I would be surprised if the NFL Players Association would allow that kind of thing to be publicized under the collective bargaining agreement with the league.


What a terrible waste of good bad-ass talent.

How many chances does anyone get to be a player in the NFL? For most people the odds are better to win the lotto...To throw that away for ANY reason like drugs is just plain stupid.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's an addiction he's fighting or if he's trying to win a power struggle with the NFL.