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Ricky Williams Quits Again...


At least that's my prediction.

I don't think he'll make it through the season. I'd like for him to. I like the guy, but I read an article last year about him being in a commune in Australia, living off broccoli, brown rice and a few bowls of ganja a day. He'd lost like 40 pounds and seemed genuinely happy and had no interest in returning to the daily grind of NFL life.

I think Miami had an $8 million signing bonus they were trying to get back. Which I think is what's led him back to the league. Bottom line is, he's young, he can put the weight back on, right? I mean, if Lance Armstrong can physically come back from the big C, R. Williams can recover from a long vacation.

But I just don't buy that mentally he'll ever be able to get back into the headspace required to be successful in the NFL.

Any thoughts on his ability to come back, whether it be physcially or mentally?


i think i share your view. i'd like to see him do it. the challenge for him is definitely one of motivation and his actions say he's already gotten everything out the nfl he wants but not neccessarily what he needs($$)... if he can flip it around though and find the hunger that'll be a sight 'cause he'll kick some frickn ass ! otherwise mediocrity it'll be. but if that's the case i see him fading away rather than walking away again.


He is just coming back so he doesn't have to repay is multimillion dollar signing bonus.

His motivations (or lack of motivation) is transparent.

He will likely be a shadow of his former self.