Rick Ross' Training Log

Alright, as I spend a whole lot of time either driving around town for work or slouched over my computer banging my head against the keyboard I figure I’d start doing something to keep my mind occupied whilst I juggle the intricacies of balancing my work/gym/home/social lives about as nimbly as a writhing ape in chains.

So starting today, welcome to my training log.

Medicine ball pass - 3x12 (8kg ball)
Oblique dumbbell Crunch - 3x25
Bridge (side + front) - 1min each
Ab wheel - 3x25 extends

Calf raises - 2x30 (22.5 kg plate)
Squat - (first time ever, woo hoo) - 3x8 (100kg)
Leg Press - 3x8 (6x 22.5kg plates)

I’ll try get some pictures, it’d be good to see my progress.

Then fucked around on the speed ball.

Shoulders day. I’ve been slack recently but am planning to get myself in gear. I have been doing sessions, none are really worthy of noting down though.

Warm up on speed ball
Military Press - 1x40kg 12reps 2x52kg 8-6 reps
Dumbell press - 2x15kg 8 reps
Side lifts - 3x10kg 25 reps
Dumbell Punches - 3x10kg 15 rights 20 lefts
Shrugs - 3x22.5kg (2 plates) 20 reps

Yesterday did back and bi’s

Back - close grip chin ups 3x8
lat pull down - 62kgs 3x8
lat row - 92kgs 3x9
chainsaws - 27.5kgs 6x15

dumbell curls - 15kgs 3x6
21’s - 22.5kgs 3x
swingy’s - 20kgs 2x5