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Rick Ross - The Real Teflon Don


Man at first I thought this dude was straight wack, like on Fat Joe's level - but his new LP Teflon Don is fire.

I've been bangin' this track called Free Mason constantly. Worth a listen.


BAWS ROSS Has stepped up his game and is killing the airwaves right now. I put him in league with Young Jeezy, Lyrics aren't that complicated but the swagger and beat selection is second to none.


Dude. Dude, what took you so long? Free Mason's pretty good, but the best songs on the album by far are 'Tears of Joy' and 'Live Fast, Die Young'.

As soon as this album leaked like 3 weeks ago I've been bumping it pretty much non-stop. I remember when this guy made Hustlin', and I hated him. I'd only listen tot the remix of that song, where Jeezy and Jay-Z pretty much Renegaded him. He's come a long way. Get Deeper than Rap if you like this, it's just as good IMO. From DTR:

Yeah, someone's gonna mention he used to be a correctional officer, but who cares? Seriously people, get Teflon Don. Best mainstream rap album of the year so far, and I don't think Jeezy or T.I. can top it either. Kanye will, though.


What's all that shit about Ross being a former cop? Don't know if 50 is just starting shit, but ppl were questioning him hard. Sucks cuz he certainly has a persona I like.


Ross was allegedly a correction's officer at some point......which doesn't mean shit. It's not like Ross was a FED agent or something..lol. I've worked with CO's who were no better than the offenders we overwatched....they've dealt drugs outside and inside prisons/jails along with other criminal bullshit.

Lot's of correctional facilities hire questionable people for the sake of filling their staff needs. But in the end, If this somehow tarnishes his "street cred" for the sake of his music...then he's not the first and only perp. At least he doesn't tongue kiss his "daddy."


I feel so fucking old I really need to update my music. Ross? I'll give it a shot.


Caption: Dr. Dre considered by many to be the most important figure in gangsta rap's history. Before he earned that recognition.

I don't think that street cred ever really mattered in rap as much as people say it did [and it definitely doesn't matter now]. Just make good music and people will listen no matter what.

Bonus Dr. Dre pic:


Oh you done fucked up now! My mayne Jeezy is gonna come hard as shit on 103 you just watch. His single is already killing the streets:


Hah, yeah as soon as Lose My Mind leaked a few months ago I knew TM:103 was gonna be a dope album. And between this song and Wasted, I might have to give Plies another shot. And for All White Everything sounds pretty strong too [even if it sort of sounds like something Gucci or Yo Gotti, who's on the remix would do].

But the closest thing to a dud on the new Rawse is that song with Diddy and Trey Songz, and even that's growing on me.


What's the difference between CO's and criminals? CO's haven't been caught yet.


The Ross album will grow on me, thanks for this.

And TM103, I don't even know where to start with how excited I am about it.


I still fucking rock 101, inspiration and recession all the fucking time.

getting into TI is killing my wallet now that I shudder pay for music.


I'd probably just DL his discography and then buy the ones you like.

In any event, I think 'King' is his best album, and a lot of people say that his most recent one, Paper Trail, is his best. I guess those two would be the best places to start. Personally, other than those two I don't think he's ever made an album that was great the entire way through, so I wouldn't buy any other ones.


The thing I like about Rick Ross is the way he pronounces and announces some of the rhymes he writes. I think that's what people are referring to when they say he "spits with swagger."

Strange there's so much love for Jeezy, I never really stapled him as any more than a average rapper but this is just from listening to some of his collaboration songs. I haven't listened to any his albums. Now that y'all have expressed your liking to him I might have to give one a try.


Rick Ross will always be a B level rapper to me, he does have some raw beats though. He just reminds me of a grown man with down syndrome having a mid life crisis.


Soulja, that gif is amazing, haha. I lol'd hard.


So when I getting teh RR yesterday, my wife told me to pick up Recovery too...

Call me a fan boy or whatever, but Recovery is fucking FIRE! I have had Talking 2 Myself pretty much on loop since.

I was pretty much done with Em after encore & relapse, but this shit is good.


The new Eminem album is selling like crazy, too. It sold 741, 000 copies first week, and has sold almost 2 million copies already [came out June 18].

I didn't like it other than Not Afraid and Going Through Changes, but a couple of the other tracks like the opener and Love the Way You Lie have grown on me.