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Rick Perry, comedy genius


Rick Perry wants to shutdown three agencies of government, but can't remember the third. This guy is even more retarded than Bush!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G9p7Z0C6w8 comedy genius


Anyone else hear Ron Paul whispering "HUD" at the 18 second mark?


Shouldn't insult retarded people like that.

Comparing them to Texas governors is just a low blow.


Yep those mispeaks really make one sound retarded

Don't forget them 57 states


And here is the height of menatl retardation President Obama thinks he gave awarded the medal of honor to Jared Monti while he was alive by Jared was dead when he was awarded the medal


Herein is the Republican (and most Politicians) problem.

They are more than ready to eliminate things that are popular to cut with their base...but are only 1) a small portion of the total Federal Budget and 2) would do little to decrease the Federal deficit.



Everyone gaffs every now and then. But if he wants the nomination, he'd better start hitting a few out of the park.


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Probably should have started by kicking Scar out of the Pridelands...


Nearly 15 trillion in debt. By 2025 we'll only be able to afford to service the debt and pay for entitlements. Military, infrastructure, etc., only on borrowed money. Just how much will we be able to actually borrow in that situation? Greece and Italy should be a warning to us. So yes, Mufasa, I'm interested in just how moderates would cut spending? This? This is a laughable beginning to what will need to be done.


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Where the real problems are; Medicaire and Social Security.

Cutting these other programs is just giving the appearance that something is being done substantial, when it's not.



Agree, Sloth.





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Maybe 'eliminating' is not the best way to go. Stripping down maybe? Dept of Energy handles nuclear safety for example and the National Weather Service comes under Dept of Commerce. 'Eliminating' these bloated departments may sound great but no one has really thought about such things as re-allocating the important responsibilities and whether it would even be cost efficient to do so. Regardless, no one is going to eliminate these departments. Part of Reagan's first term platform was abolishing Depts of Education and Commerce. Didn't happen.


Rick Perry now has a complete list including the two departments he already mentioned, the one he couldn't think of and SEVEN more! He is even giving his supporters an opportunity of voting for which departments they would most like to abolish.

What part of the federal government would you like to forget about the most?

Your Vote:

  • Dept of Energy

  • Dept of Education

  • Dept of Commerce

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Environmental Protection Agency

  • Department of Labor

  • National Endowment of the Arts

  • Legal Services Corporation

  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission

  • Marine Mammal Commission

  • Other(Submit your suggestion to forgetmenot@rickperry.org)


It's called "pandering to the base", Push..and every politician does it.

IF politicians were seriously attempting to get a handle on entitlements while they were giving grandiose speeches about "Look at me! I'm cutting the waste!"...I would have no problem cutting these departments. (Nobody has ever given me a solid answer as to what exactly the "Department of Education" does...ummmm).

But they don't. It's simply easier to pander and do absolutely nothing.

So in answer to your question, I actually wish they weren't there. NOT because they are the root cause of our deficit problems; but because I'm tired of them being used as fodder and Political "cover" for Politicians who don't want to make the tough choices.



Case closed.




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