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Rick Perry Ad


Whaddya think?


Is he still in the race? I hadn't noticed.


So this is the main problem America faces right now?

Either him or me is a moron.

There is of course the possibility that we both are.

Then again, I am not running for president.


I just thought it was a strange ad.

Do people really feel there's a war going on in the way it's described in the ad?


No, not a war but rather what has been happening since time immemorial -- ideas change with the times.

Unfortunately, religion is not really going away. People are just trading one religion for an other -- they are trading god for the state.


I hadn't seen that ad. I doubt it would get much air time in NJ. My guess is it's only going to be aired in certain areas.


I don't see why the gay thing was brought in. It is a message that is powerful for a certain voting block, however, with or without the comparison.
When did the "...and I approve this message" thing start and why?



PACS (probably starting in the 80's) were (and still are) putting out ADS that the candidate may, or may not have approved of.

While they tend to be in "support" of the Candidate...many will often cross a line that the candidate may (or may not) have wanted to cross.

So..the rise of "...I approve of this AD..." addendum.



OK, why do I have nipples?



Yea, jp...these PAC ads are often the most brutal in their attacks because of their anonymity. I'm not saying that direct candidate ads can't be brutal too...but they often pale in comparison to the PAC ads.



That ad was a huge mistake IMO. There is an article on huffingtonpost about how at least 1 of his top aides was dead set against it.

I'm also amazed at how much BS he was able to fit into a 31 second clip. Children are most definitely not prohibited from praying in school but the religious right simply cannot take the time to read the important supreme court cases in this regard.

Overall the republican presidential candidates pander far too much to the religious conservatives in this country. I think there's a good chance it will backfire on them.


Did anyone think that ad was anti-gay? Someone on my facebook had quite a strong opinion on that clip, I didn't think it was that big of a deal.


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I is probably what Gould calls a spandrel, something that is just there because of the evolutionary necessity of something else.

Meaning, you have nipples because women need them and it would be too costly to remove them from male embryos without adding any benefit.


Makes sense if someone else is giving the ad, but when you're the person who just delivered the message? Doesn't that... kind of sort of imply that you approve of it, since, you know, you went on TV to deliver it?


It wasn't overtly anti-gay, no. But when you consider his obvious intended audience is people who tend to be extremely vocal about their anti-gay views... the subtext is "Those fags are allowed in OUR military and we cant even celebrate christmas?!".


I read that this ad broke the youtube record for highest number of dislikes in the shortest period of time. 466,948 as I type this post vs 11,538 likes (97.53% against). The Republicans need to ain higher than Perry, they will be deeply disappionted if he gets the nomination. As I have mentioned before nobody 'hands others a stick to beat them with' better than Perry.


I don't know why he choose that particular message. It seems fairly trivial in the big scheme of things. But if his Christian faith is THAT strong, he probably does feel that liberalism is attacking his faith.

Anyway, I'd like him better if his ad was about taking a wreaking ball to Washington DC and making it 'inconsequential in our lives'.