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Rick and Morty Fans?


They’re better get going! It’s not gonna animate itself!



Awwww, gez!


Great show I watch it with my kids… they are 7&9 no judgement please.
Best episode is the get shiwfty episode where giant alien heads make the Earth compete in a intergalactic idol contest for survival & Ice T teaches us life lessons on being a real G


That one is really funny.

Sorta surprised the one where Rick is banging the collective hive mind thingy isn’t your favorite…

*Pickle Rick is my favorite.


Man, those are both true gems. Really shows you who RIck is -lol.



I like the multiverse episode where there are infinite Rick and Morties and one dumb Rick that the son in law gets along with.


There are so many good ones. You could practically list them all. I can’t think of an episode I didn’t like.


My other Fav is where Rick gives Morty a sex robot & he ends up having a monster kid
but yea almost every show is funny AF


Ha! That one is funny. Or the one where the mom’s childhood best friend has sex with or eats his offspring in the imaginary land Rick made for Beth.


There’s a Rick and Morty sound board app in the play store. Good for a couple laughs.


I’ve come across a ton of Rick and Morty t-shirts putting together my Sun Frog store. I want them all…
Here’s a few:


I’m fan, obvs. I think it’s hilarious.

What are your favourite episodes?

Mine are probably Pickle Rick & the Mini-verse car battery - for the sheer brilliance of selfishness of Rick haha


I personally love rick and morty, sorry for bumping an old thread but I like those cartoons that have cynical undertones and question reality/ what’s actually important. I also like how smart the writing and humor is in the show, it’s crude yet it’s done in a way as to not seem exploitative, and the writing is brilliant, keeps the viewer engaged and has re-watch ability. I also like cartoons in general, my favorite being rick and morty, bojack horseman, archer and futureama with bojack horseman being my favorite. Archer is more crude in nature but seems to have the same cynicism that the other cartoons have, also I like james bond and that factors into my love of archer.


They better bring back Interdimensional cable. Morty’s Mind blowers can stay, but interdimensional cable needs to come back.


Fuckin right


Are you sick and tired of opening doors that actually go somewhere?


Naaa I thought the Morty’s Mindblowers episode was better than the interdimensional cable thing


Morty’s Mindblowers was decent.


This may not be a popular opinion but I really liked the ricklantis mixup episode, it was a departure from the normal formula of the series however it managed to cover some serious issues like police brutality while remaining interesting, and EVIL MORTY! I also really liked the rest and ricklaxation episode. I was let down by the season 3 finale, I was hoping they’d continue the evil Morty story arc.