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Rick and Morty Fans?


So I just got into this show and have watched every single episode online over the last 2 weeks.

I’m not one to hop on the latest “thing”, and I certainly don’t enjoy most quirky, adult targeted cartoons that seem Written by a generic formula hoping to tap into an audience simply by being crude,… this show is certainly not that. I can’t even describe it and do it justice. Let’s just say that if you were willing to spend a few minutes to check an episode online, chances are you’ll sit through the next one too.

Any other fans?



I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

My brother in law just sent me a link to all the episodes yesterday actually.

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Good show for sure. The infinite multiverse is pretty heavy theory for a cartoon. The purge episode is my favorite.

I didn’t like Rick’s character at first. The tortured genius that can’t connect with normal humans grows on you.

Also check your leads on your website please. Trying to hire you for the wife.

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So hilarious + the subtle jokes you miss on the 1st watch, make watching the show for a 2nd time a real treat.


Massive fan. But give me sci-fi comedy and I am almost always 90% on the way to being a fan.


HUGE fan. Was skeptical when I saw it but enough people I trust told me it was great so I gave it a go.

Some of the most hilarious, well-observed cartoon writing since The Simpsons was good (all those years ago).


It really is amazing how much cartoon “writing” has evolved from the simple toy advertisements disguised as shows a few decades ago.



Just the greatest! Shit’s weird when you’re emotionally invested in moving drawings…

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Also, if you need a way to watch the new season’s episodes, they get uploaded in full to Pornhub pretty quickly after airing.

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LOL WHAT. Fucking Chris, what are you doing in here?


I’m quickly becoming a fan of this Rick and Morty.


Fan here! I even Merch too because I like it that much.

“Pickle Rick!”

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Literally just started watching it, currently at season 1 episode 9, really enjoyed the episode with alternate reality TV shows, and the goggles that showed alternate lives


Binge watching now and it’s fucking incredible.


Pickel Rick, holy shit…

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Omg right?! That episode sums up Rick perfectly.


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I don’t watch it but 57.777% of the internet seems to be about this show. The rest is about Game of Thrones.

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I’m so glad I don’t go on the internet…

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Made a Rick and Morty T-shirt