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Rich's Cube Run

OK guys, starting a log for my run at the cube method.
First, some quick stats on myself.
Been lifting on and off for about 10 years, but been steady for the last 5. In the beginning it was the normal bodybuilding split then just in the last year its been a little crossfit and powerlifting… wised up and went all PL.

Age. 34
Weight. 200 lbs.
Height 5" 11
Bench 250
Dead lift 475
Squat 385.

First cube workout was dead lift (reps)
315 from 1 inch deficit 8 reps
360 off 4 inch blocks 3 sets 6 reps
165 ssb Olympic stance 4 sets 8 reps
155 SL DL 4 sets 10 reps
50 back raises ( no ghr yet so did them in my tire)

This workout felt good and I’m looking forward to my “heavy” bench next.

I told you I’d be in, so here I am, almost beat you here, lol. Anyway this should be interesting, our lower body lifts are pretty close, although I just started back deadlifting this week, but I think I’ll be about where your at, when the dust settle’s. The workouts seem to have you going in all sorts of directions at once, this is kind of what I’ve heard. Goodstuff, glad to see you found PLing, I got side tracked with some BBing for awhile myself, and my bench caught up to my squat :slight_smile: be around to pester you once in awhile. Latter

Oh I was wondering about what injuries you referred to in the other thread, and how they affect your lifting, just wondering, because I work around a few myself ?

Just left gym…
Bench (heavy)
185# Floor press 5 sets of 2
155# flat bench 3 sets of 15
Lat pull down 4 sets of 12 (120 on stack)
Tricep push downs 4 sets of 25 (50 on stack)
Shrugs 80 DB’s 3 sets of 15
Seated military presses 3 sets of 12 (45 lb DB’s)

Felt good foam rolling after. .and my injuries include a C5,6, and 7 bulgding disk’s so that’s why I can’t go “heavy” on heavy day . But I’m in the process of getting repaired…

Even as light as I went on what is supposed to be a heavy day. I’m gonna have make all my bench days “rep” or “dynamic” days… I already feel the soreness from my neck. But I can do anything with lower… so my “cube” will have a chipped corner, oh well.

here is a video of my deficit DL’s

Ok today was (explosive squat)
I know Lilly doesn’t recommend the use of bands/chains… but I did. With a dynamic day, I just like it. Soooooooooo

8 sets 2 reps with 45 second rest 205 lbs + 50 lbs of chains
1 set 2 reps 275 lbs with reverse mini monster bands
5 sets 5 reps with 225 real low , feet shoulder width.
4 sets of 10 SSB lunges
3 sets 15 kettlebell swings 70 lb

Felt good and strong… more then a heavy… I’m liking this cube shit. Once I tweak with the upper body I feel I will PR left and right with squat and deads.

SSB lunges ? probably a really simple answer, and I’m an idiot, but can’t seem to figure it out

Haha… no its a dumb abbreviation. “Safety squat bar”.
Oh and somewhere I my workout I did some deadlifts stop just below my knees sense I don’t have a reverse hyper.

I just went to see my Dr today and it looks like surgery is in my near future. This makes me very sad. Hurts my heart even. I love training a lot and to know I can’t for that amount of time kills me. I will still train until I’m benched. I hope my surgery recovery is super fast and healthy.

This to fix vertabra, how involved is it, not that any back surgery isn’t scary, but what’s the Dr figure, and whats the date

It will either be a disk fusion or replacement… he says it most likely will be a replacement. No date yet. He wants me to see a specialist to look at my shoulder first. But I see the surgeon again in a month. It just sucks because I won’t be able to lift for so long and I’m finally making good progress, and I have my little baby too.
He said its an 80% I will get the surgery but once I see the shoulder guy and the pain in my shoulders is due to my neck solely then my surgery chances go up a lot.

I don’t know wheather you read my whole blog, but 99-03 I went through 9 different operations, on my left leg, mostly knee rebuilds, but also some hip, and ankle stuff, because I fell 80ft, and left leg took the blow. The point being, is just to try and keep your head up, train what you can, when you can.

having a new baby should help keep you focused, I wasn’t married with kids at the time, and fell in to depression, and pain killer’s. I asume like me, your agressive, get it done person, like most lifter’s, and it’s hard being layed up, can’t work, can’t workout. I wish you the best of luck, mabey this will give me a chance to get ahead of you on those lower body lift’s :slight_smile: it took me a decade to get my head straight after all the operation’s, so stay positive, and keep your head up bro, good times

yes I read a lot of it. I know what youre saying, but damn its going to suck. The painkiller thing scares me because even now I’m popping norcos like theyre fucking tic tacs. hes telling me I cant do shit, and I about had a panic attack. Not training? Is he nuts? no I am, for wanting to while I’m hurt I guess. Missing out on work doesnt worry me because I hate my job. Being with my baby girl will be fun.

Untill everything gets started I will continue to lift, but all i can think about is the time where I wont be able to. I’m 34 (about to be 35 in Jan.) When I thought about it all, I’m not young or old so I figured… do it now and i can start again when i’m 35 and pull big numbers at age 36.

Thanks a lot for saying what you said, I have a rough background as well, I dont come from youth athletics and I didnt even go to high school… lifting is my new drug and also my therapy, not having it is devestating to me.

Tonights workout was put off till the morning… I will beast out. Its my “explosive deadlifts” and its gonna be fun!

Today was “explosive deads” I gotta say, this was another fun one. It was challenging and I love that!

First was conventional deads
270 lbs 8X3 (45 sec rest)

Snatch grip deads from 4" blocks
225 lbs 3X10

SSB squats close stance
155 lbs 4X8

Good mornings with SSB
115 lbs 4X8

Barbell shrugs
225 lbs 3X12

Pull ups (bw)

Out of everything those snatch grip deads kicked my ass those most. I’ve never really done them in a routine so I’m glad I am. My energy levels weren’t great, I had just got off of work and it was a rough night … but I won’t not workout because of that

Alright! Worst body part for me… the upper body. Today didn’t hurt that much because it was “rep” bench day… which wasn’t that bad.

Incline bench
170 lbs 1X8

Incline DB bench
40 lbs 3X20

Close grip bench
115 lbs 3X12

Standing cable fly’s
set at 25 lbs per side 3X15

Tricep push downs
50 lbs 1X100

military press (machine)
60 lbs 3X12

Upper body always kills me so these lighter days are nice… and rather then what is called, I will be doing rep then explosive every other week without the heavy day… then I can make it through better… I have been visiting the gym on bench day so I don’t have my swiss bar which sucks… I need to rotate the days and keep bench at home.

How about you, are you still in a crossfit gym, sounds like you have access to some good equipment, things sound like they’re going good. Also, on the snatch grip deads, how wide, the widest I’ve ever been able to hold properly, is hands on the outside of the smooth rings, I think this is more of a clean grip, but any wider, and it bungs up my wrists. I believe snatch grip is collar to collar, anyway just wondering out loud. Both my wrists have been broken, with my right hand being crushed as well years ago. I love reading some of the young guys logs, where they talk about not working out that day, because somthing was a little tight, or tender, haha you can’t keep me out of the gym, and I’m feeling half robotic now days I’m so rebuilt ') Anyway, on the old guy subject, whats going on with the cube, as far as mobility, and or conditioning work. I get away with no direct mobility work, I’d never heard of it, till recently, now it’s half or more of your workout time.

I was just wondering your take, Brandon Liliy’s take, I don’t see any listed in your workouts. I lift, I run, I hit the bag, and when it’s cold I skip, guna put me in a museum, unof these days. Eaten up your log cause I’m board. Latter

I never belonged to a crossfit gym. just did it at home… not very long though. to much weight loss and loss of strength. Then I did 531/crossfit then went to PL cuz I wanted to get stronger. Yes, snatch grip is collar to collar and it is rough.( I used straps to keep grip) As for mobility, I just do a lot of stretching, but I dont make a workout out of it like some do.Conditioning is sled work mostly, I own a lot of cool toys in my garage, I will get pics up soon, its my passion so I like to get a lot of stuff. I dont drink or do drugs anymore, so its my new "drug"
My neck is worse then ever and my surgerey has been moved up, but I need to speak to my surgeon first. I will keep you posted on it. I’m in major pain.

So I just got the word… before the end of the year. That was like stabbing me in the heart. I’m a father of 5, husband, I work 40+ hours a week and now I have to have open back neck surgery and that will sit me out for about 9 months… fuck.

Ah you’ll be alright bro, just keep your head up, and do what you can. Quite quickly you’ll probably be able to do things like Free squats, and leg ext., light arm stuff. Do what you can stay positive. keep posting, keep following the sport, you’ll be back before you know it, better than ever. Graditude is what keeps me sober, in every situation now I can find somthing to be gratefull for, and with all the gifts in your life, I’m sure you can find a way to do the same. Goodluck.

I’m pretty spirtual since becoming sober, I believe every thing happen’s for a reason. Not to get to deep, but I’ve been through a pretty similar trip, as your heading on, and you starting a log, and us chatting, maybe it’s part of the trip Bro, keep your head up, I’m on house arrest, and on line every day. I’ll give you some pep talks, and you can follow my log, and live through that for a few months :slight_smile: Latter