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Richmond Celtic Fest/Heavy Games


Anyone here go to the Celtic Fest/Heavy Games in Richmond Va ove the weekend. I got to assist with the caber toss event. Very cool!! All the competitors were awsome, realy huge nice guys. I was weraing a T-Nation shirt I made for the event and I got some nods and "right on"'s from the competors. If anyone here was a competitor, great job!!.




I knew I forgot something.

I was invited to that by the judges etc.. at the Alexandria Games in July. We did the caber loading also. Have some pics up on the "DC T-cell Outings" Thread in the Photo forum. They said the Richmond Games were even larger. How was it.

Yea those are some Big fellas, very friendly however and the beer aint bad either.

Sorry I missed it, Next time I suppose.


The festival was good as alwase! Gunness and meat, what else could you want.

The games were awsome (as usual). When I was assiting the ameture caber we had one make it totaly over, at about 60deg.

I'll make a point of reminding you next year. Perhaps we can have a kilted T-cell meeting.