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Richards 5x5 PL Faleev's Program

Read an article about Faleevs Russian method of powerlifting and decided to try it out. The program relies on only doing the 3 main lifts, one lift a day and nothing more.
My program:
Mond: Heavy squat
Tu: Heavy bench
Thur: Deadlift
Fri: light bench
Sat: light squat

From monday to Thursday you do heavy days 5x5 and on Friday and Saturday you do 4x5 80% from your heavy workout. If you manage to get all 25 reps in your workout, then next week you add 5kilos and try to get 5x5 again.
The idea behind this program is simplicity and that you should not waiste your energy on accessory moves since they drain away your energy no matter how light they are.
After the main move you do startic stretches and hit the showers. Thats it!

My current stats:
31years, 120kg, 187cm, chubby.
Squat: 200kg with belt
Bench 125kg
Deadlift 220 without belt.

I’ve cleaned all my diet from junk and alcohol and I intend to do walking 10-20km a week to raise my condition without it effecting my main workouts.

All comments and help is more than welcomed.

Monday 01.08.16 Heavy squat
140kilos was a good starting weight and i managed to keep the reps fast and posture good.
btw i lift with oly shoes and if not attending a max attemp i go way bellow parallel.

02.08.16 Heavy bench
my left shoulder hurt like hell. almost had to drop last set but i managed to fnish it.
I suck at benching even thou its easy for me because of short arms.

04.08.16 Deadlift
foamrolling 10minutes
This weight was low but since i raise it 5kilos a week I dont think I need to make a bigger jump next week. Now i can keep my posture better easily and the bar speed higher.
I have short fingers so my grip is going to be an issue in the future
I dont want to use straps but I would want to stay away from mixed grip also because it fucks up my posture and left shoulder(left handed). Faleev said that only accessory move that you should consider is grip work. I used 120kilos and held it 2 times as long as i could with straight grip after my 5x5 work. If someone has suggestions for deadlift grip strength i would be pleased :slight_smile:

05.08.2016 light bench





tried to hone my technique and really flare my chest wide when
descending. Also tried to accelerate the bar using my whole body from
toes to back. Did 3 maximum time holds from chinup bar between sets for grip today. with this bodyweight it was brutal.

Sat 06.08.2016 light squat
nothing special here. light work. felt good.

08.08.2016. Heavy Squat
phew. these felt amazing and heavy.
had to ride the buss for 3 hours after the workout and at the end i almost couldnt move from my seat.
infernal stretching involved.

10.08.2016 Heavy bench.
This is what sleep debrivation, shitty food and some late night drinks do to you!
100kg was supposed to be piece of cake but… well no one else to blame but myself.
left shoulder acted up again. Im starting to see size difference of my shoulders when i look my shoulder line in mirror. dunno if some muscles are jammed or my upper back muscles are imbalanced. :confused:

1st off, in.

Next, I know you dont want to clutter your training with assistance but I think it might help you…

Hook grip, painful at first but you get used to it. DONT DO IT FOR REPS, you will rip off your thumb skin and have to start all over. Maybe just use it for your warm ups and first set of 5. Then straps. Train it by using (on everything) and with static holds and plate pinches etc.


I was going to ask if stopping the workout was an option? And this is where some dumbell bench and military pressing would probably be very good assistance work.

Another option would be to on light day instead of benching do Dumbell Bench and Dumbell Military Pressing?

As for back imbalances are you using a mixed grip on deads? Do you sit at a computer a lot? Or use other unbalanced positions habitually? And dumbell power rows could help you develop evenness if you think you have imbalances. (Even barbell power rows should help too)

Some shoulder mobility work could also pay dividends. But if you are doing some of those things that cause imbalances no matter how much work you do to correct it they will still be there as long as the cause is still being performed.

May the progress be with you.

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Holy shit thanks man!

Yes, I do sit a lot in front of computer both in work and home. I dropped the mixed grip to fix my shoulder issue month ago.
I had to drop rest of the workouts from this week because of the pain. It is clear now that i need to use some assistances. I walk a lot and started to stretch again like there is no tomorrow. also doing some corrective posture work. I have a 24kg kettlebell and 5-30kg weighter vest at my home that i can also use
if that is a good idea.
I will stop the weight progress to 150/100/160 set weights until i can manage all the workouts,assistance and other without pain and in good form.

So the plan is this:
Monday: Heavy squat 5x5, stretching and foam rolling.
Tuesday: Heavy bench 5x5, dumbell military press (10-20 rep sets), stretching and shoulder mobilitywork
Wed: Heavy Deadlift. 5x5, streching and foam rolling
Fri: light squat. 4x5 around 80% of mondays weight
Sat. overall upportbody assistance, dumbell bench etc ( I dont know what would be good sets/reps etc)

I’ve been walking around 15-20km a week now.

How does this seem? Thanks for advices!