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Richard Wolff on Capitalism in Crisis


Wolff on Co-Ops vs. capitalistic structures in Spain. Yes I know this can't be done in the U.S. due to our population and GDP output because the difference in numbers makes the difference somehow.


This type of arrangement is neither illegal in the States nor exclusive to countries outside the states.

Anyone that wants can set a company up like this tomorrow...


Idle blathering spiced up with false notions of personal responsibility and 'novel' economies;

[i]A: The state i want to create is one that has faced up to and become willing to organize the production of goods and services that we all depend on in a fundamentally different way... because for me, that is the root problem that we haven't faced, that we haven't debated, and that we don't change.

B: Well is the best living eample of that Norway or somewhere in Scandinavia or where is it?

A: Well you have efforst like this that have been in and around capitalism since the beginning...[/i]

Three words; bread and circuses.


And it's happening more and more. Although you would never know it by the zero coverage it gets the corporate media.


Yes where does a man who has spent 40 years studying class and economics get the balls to suggest there could be a better way to organize the economy?


So the example he gives in Spain is not true?