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Richard Simmons At Large



What a weirdo...


I would like to officially say I am frightened now.

He's the kind of guy that seems so harmless and yet keeps a collection of heads in the deepfreeze.


I don't understand Richard Simmons. I guess I'm lucky.

What I understand even less is what sort of person actually eats that sort of shit up? Everytime I see that guy its like fingernails on a chalkboard.


he looks like Pauly Shore



what'd the Weasel ever do to you, buuuuuddy.


He' s frighteningly awful. But I gues he has helped a good number to the 400 lb moos


What were you doing on his site looking how to email him?


My friend sent it to me as a joke...

But I guess thats beside the point considering I'm a fanatic and e-mail him for his personal cell phone number twice a day. He still hasn't responded despite it being my dream.


he never made a sequel to Pualy Shore is Dead, that's what.

the Andy Dick parts are the funniest fucking thing...


Weirdo yes.

But at least he does have a pair after all. Last year he bitch slapped some 6'1" 255lb ex-con guy at the airport for harrassing him.



Okay, how many of you clicked on the "replay" button??

Come on, be honest.

I don't see what the big deal is about him. He's a great guy who knows a lot about working out and getting shredded.
He seems honest and is the epitome of what a true T-Man is and should be.

Maybe we can get an interview with him on this site!? I can't believe no one has asked him yet, he would have sooo much to offer on this site.

(yes, that was a joke)


I am happy to say that I did NOT hit replay. There, I feel better. Of course, I will admit that as a younger person, I OWNED one of his albums. I don't know WTF was going on, WHY I had a copy of Richard Simmon's REACH album, who bought, how it came into my possession. The whole point of the workout was to stretch from side to side. Why am I writing this, I don't know. But I don't remember a lot of my childhood. Maybe that's a good thing.

Ok, I feel weird now. Like, need to crawl in the corner of the shower and huddle weird.


Click twice? I saved it, and I'm gonna send it to all my friends who haven't emailed me for a long time.


In honor of the strange little man and all he is.........

Not saying anyhting thing about the thread or its creator, just thought the pic was funny as hell.


What's wrong with that? That's how I start my day...



We've been married 8 years and you're only NOW telling me this?!!??!


T-Nation, I do not know this guy! He needs to be banned. He's a FREAK!


Just for SWR-1222D and IPjunkie

Does it bring back that 60' fever?


Bring it back? Not exactly. I already have that picture poster size, on my wall.

I wake up to his music every morning. I want to get that "A,B,C,D E-Mail Meee" as my cell phone ring but I can't download it anywhere.

I thought it would have been more popular by now.


Dude has some big calves.


Have you confirmed the "dude" part. I still thought nobody really knew what it was?