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Rich Piana


Anyone else follow this guy's work? He seems like a great guy and appears to have made a full life for himself with training, supplement, and real estate businesses and a rich social life-much more than could be said about men who just chased a pro card at the expense of much else. He's gotten a lot of criticism on the 'net because of his fashion sense and the perception that he's just a lazy guy who mooches and lifts all day, but he seems sincere to me and I enjoy his videos. He loves interacting with fans.


I've seen all his videos. I'm a fan of the guy. I'm curious if his movie is coming out soon.
Seems like an interesting story to see.

1dayYouMay son


his videos are awesome to watch. much more interesting than the lame guys like cutler and heath.


i like this video because he talks straight up about his stuff without hiding anything.


He definitely seems like a cool guy. However, you say that these pro BB'ers dont have much of a life. That is because they are a million times more serious than Piana. Rich Piana never was a good BB'er, looks up contest pics of him, terrible conditioning. Not saying that makes him any less interesting, I love his videos, but that is a bit unfair to compare his lifestyle to a real elite pro BB'er


I couldn't agree more.


His arms to rest of his body ratio reminds me of Jax from Mortal Kombat.


I saw a video of him doing strict skull crushers with 225 on the olympic bar. Pretty impressive strength.


He comes across like a good guy, but the part where he says that there are people out there that can get to his size without AAS was retarded. Probably not something he really means I guess.


Do you know how financially inept, unethical, and lazy (outside of the gym and kitchen) even some of the most serious, and even the top, bodybuilders have been and are?

I've known this for awhile and also know an affluent man VERY closely connected within the industry who rarely hangs out with his bodybuilding buddies because they have hardly any disposable income for recreation.


Thought the same thing. LOL.


How did this guy make his money?


buying houses when they are cheap and selling when they are expensive, giving expensive personal training, etc



Dude, stereotype much? LOL. I know just as many guys with families as I know all out losers....and honestly, I think the all out loser posse is dying down because you just can't survive like that off of other people now like you used to.

I agree about many of them being financially unstable. Let's face it, working as a personal trainer probably won't cover the massive cost of drugs and food on the level of a pro.

But the negative slant on bodybuilders was a tad much.

Bodybuilding tends to attract some seedy individuals...and I don't really mean the competitors.

You can imagine that there is a huge gay following and getting asked to "pose" for someone is probably gonna happen eventually if you are big enough.


Good for him, I've never heard of him before now, and I knew he couldn't have earned it in bodybuilding, cool to see someone so successful in other areas of life. Guy is gigantic, haha.


Guy's triceps are insane.




Of course there are competitive bodybuilders with families and careers. Look at Marc Dugdale. Dorian always worked until he could make a living off bodybuilding, ran a gym, and has a family.

However, for every hard working IFBB pro or top ranking amateur, there are many of the type that I described. Please refer to the old T-mag article, Sex, Lies, and Muscle; it's easy to spot each former competitor described, some of them being former Olympia competitors.

There many CURRENT examples of what I described.


?? Do you do the same for your own career?

if someone is a CPA, do you walk around pointing out that there are crooked CPA's as if that stands as a standard for all?

There are bad representatives in EVERY field of activity on the planet....from PRIESTS to JUDGES. I am just noticing you seem to show more bias here for some reason.

If anything, I would say there is possibly LESS lude activity now because more of it will end up on the internet as opposed to the 90's and earlier.


I know Rich, he goes to my gym sometimes.

He is hella cool, and throws up weight that makes most people cringe in humility.

I would listen to what he says.