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Rich Piana Has Died

New ‘Credible’ sources (One being Calum Von Mogur): Rich Piana has died

Calum just posted a pic of him and Rich on his Instagram basically sending his condolences as other sources are saying Rich Piana has actually passed away. This is such a tragic week for the fitness world. I don’t want to believe it but since Calum is talking it’s kinda safe to say Rich may have died. Damn :frowning: another good heart lost too soon. Although I didn’t agree with Rich on stuff like eating 9 meals a day and training arms for 8hrs I loved his content. Truly an inspiration.

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Damn another tragic death R.I.P :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Dallas n Piana… while it’s really sad to lose anyone (and admittedly I wasn’t a fan of Rich’s at all) I already see haters on YouTube gleefully pushing for more Clicks as they trash talk the deceased. :frowning:


There will be No Mas Macros “Our take on Rich Piana” podcast then?

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If it relevant to a topic, we won’t avoid it, but we’ve had the discussion many times about staying “above the drama BS” that so many people rely on for views. Sure we follow along with gossip and such, but hopefully we’ve maintained a bit of respectability with what we’re putting out.



Hate to hear it. I loved listening to the guy for motivation. No aspirations of bodybuilding, but the guy made a mark and was completely transparent with what it took to get where he was.

Requiescat in Pace

It’s interesting, but co-workers of mine, who know nothing about the competitive side of bodybuilding, but stay in shape, knew of Piana. I guess the whole youtube celebrity thing really made joe-weekend-warrior a fan of social media popular folks despite contest placings, or titles, or anything that people my age (give or take obviously) used as a mark of credibility or accomplishment. This isn’t a dig, just an observation at how things have changed just in the last 5-10 years…


@The_Mighty_Stu, no doubt we are truly in The Age of the Salesman.

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I think the biggest things Piana had going for him was how transparent he was and he came across as a likeable guy. Now he was never near Dave Tate, Mark Bell, or even Stan Efferding on my YouTube views to name a few (likely because of interest) but I did enjoy listening to him once in a while.



I see a lot of people saying this, and while it was sad he died the way and when he did, I never enjoyed his stuff. He was kind of a blowhardt and seemed to have a “my shit don’t stink” type of mentality. Not to mention the time he slap boxed Jason Genova (who was a dick to him, yes, but Jason definitely has some mental retardation and autism) and his recent “you’re sleeping with a “n” word?!” with his girl. I followed Rich’s YouTube for awhile and then stopped because of bullshit like the above. It is sad and my thoughts go to his family, but Rich was far from a saint. The one thing I will say however is that he did whatever it meant he had to in order to be huge, but he looked like shit even in the world of bodybuilding.

You can say a lot about Rich Piana, either for or against, but at least he didn’t die poor.(He died rich:) too soon?


Anyway, when he first came on the scene and up until a year or two ago my brother and I were obsessed with this guy, and we would even impersonate him to one another like an inside joke, all in an admiring and good way. I even started an appreciation thread on him here a few years ago. He hit home with me when he had a good message and was lucid but for others i would think to myself while watching, “There’s something not right with this guy,” and I wasn’t thinking of PMMA, roid use, or anything like that but rather my suspicion of recreational drug use and/or emotional problems.

I think you missed his attempt at a joke.

In one of the first, and only, Piana vids that I watched, Rich talked a bit about his taste for Adderall… Just like cocaine, a cocktail of amphetamines will “amplify your personality”. And like Cosby quipped: What if you’re an asshole?

I’m not convinced that “personality-amplification” was all that necessary.

(Before we get anyone crying boohoo-medical, I have ADD and spent 4 years on Ritalin, and/or Adderal, and all the other shit to combat “the sides”.)

I’ll go ahead and admit I’m one of the guys that watched all his stuff. I don’t really know why, but I just always found him interesting. I think part of my draw to him was the fact that he is almost entirely my opposite. I liked him and liked watching all his stuff even though I strongly disagreed with pretty much all of his life decisions. Like the only thing we had in common was a love for lifting. I fully admit I’ve spent enough time (through bigger by the day and such) living with him, I find it weird that he’s gone and there aren’t any more videos coming.

It’s a really tragic story. Since bigger by the day ended, his spent his time swearing he was going to get his weight down and get healthier. His last Instagram post was basically him longing for the old days before he made himself a freak. And he admitted to luimarco (the youtube guy) he had “biggerexia” and that he was trying to overcome it just before he passed.

He inspired a lot of people. I’ve even been weirdly inspired by him. He helped me clarify what was and wasn’t important in my life. (though he did that by embodying most of the things I could affirm I don’t think are important)

God rest his soul and God bless his loved ones. The hole he left in the industry will be hard to fill.


I think that I had an adverse reaction to him because I see stuff in him that I don’t like about myself. It was hard for me to see past that to the inspiration, I guess. I’m a really judgmental person (I’m learning that about myself) and I need to cut that shit out to be more complete. Thanks for taking the time to explain the other side.

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Damn shame. Wasn’t a huge fan but sucks to see this happen. Seems to be more lately.

There’s nothing wrong with being judgmental considering everyone will be judged til the day they die and you should use good judgment for obvious reasons. :slight_smile:


There’s a difference between ‘using good judgement’ and ‘being judgemental’.

If you have a friend who’s an addict and they ask to borrow your car or money. You politely decline because you know it can only end badly. That’s using good judgement, it involves reason, not emotion.

If say to yourself “what a dirty degenerate tweaker.” That’s being judgemental, it’s about emotion. It’s about your need to “feel” better than someone else.

Sorry, side tracked. I agree with both of you, just my thoughts.

Shame about Rich. Never watched most of his stuff. Like other posters have said we all wanted to be the incredible hulk as kids, Rich went for it… and paid the price.