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Rich Guy Has an Affair with Daughter


My brain just threw up, along with the rest of me:



I only read the first page. Could you tell me what the "Braveheart" thing meant?


He watched the first 30 minutes of Brave Heart with her (his daughter) and caressed her privates while kissing her.


I read the whole thing.. . Why did the daughter fuck him again?









Seriously tho, as long as she's over 18 and they're both into it, who are you to judge?Especially since they haven't been living together to establish (just like really close friends of different sex) that "I don't shit where I eat mentality".


William Gibson writes in Neuromancer that "The truly rich are no longer even remotely human."

Thanks for adding to the growing pile of evidence.


This story is super fucked up. Reminds me of that Conspiracy of Silence documentary.


for money is the most obvious answer.

Now I must go wash my brain with some light reading... perhaps The Rock's autobiography "The Rock Says"


I think they meant vibrator when they wrote dildo. Am I wrong? To me a dildo is powered manually.

They use it as if they are interchangeable.


What a couple of disgusting creatures. Just because the daughter squealed (after what, 7 years?) they try to make it sound like she is a victim. Sorry, but no. It takes two to tango. They should both be shot.


Rich people have been doing this for centuries, I hardly find it surprising.

They're different from us, obviously.


Is this coming from experience?


Exactley. Two Sick Fucks.


As a warning to others that they better live up to your moral standards?


Who the fuck cares! Let them have gross father-daughter sex, don't bother me none.


I'm not even remotely suprised.


video or it didn't happen.