On this site I notice nobody really touts rice as a good carbohydrate. Why is that? I heard its better than most breads and other processed foods. John Berardi does not tout it as a good carb either in his articles at all, he’s all about the pasta and the flax bread and the yams.

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[quote]pushharder wrote:
I don’t know how good a carbohydrate he is but even at 42 he’s one heck of a wide receiver and I really hope he makes the Broncos team this year.[/quote]

LOL! I was thinking Simeon Rice, actually!

Since brown rice is fiber rich and therefore a medium-low GI carb, go ahead and incorporate it into your diet. Steer clear of white rice except for PWO since it’s high GI. I’m not a grain expert, so I cannot debate between grains (wheat, oat, rice, corn, etc). I just know the later in corn is probabably the least beneficial from a health/fitness standpoint.


Minute (instant) rice has a GI of 88. Sucrose has a lower GI of 83 (because it is half fructose and that is processed first in the liver.)