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Rice Sock Faux Pas


Advice: When you make a "rice sock" for achy muscle relief, make sure you use new or VERY clean socks. If there is a hint of foot-funk in the sock, when you microwave it, you get some NNNNAAAAASSSSTTTTYYYYY ass toe-funk stank.

Smells like someone went wading in a pickle-pool then stepped in a bucket of rice, then sat out in the sun on a humid day.....


Anyone else got some nasty 'oopsy' stuff? It's usually the protein shaker that's nasty...


My twin boys' college apartment smells like puke and week old bong water.


I havent washed my mudjug(dip spitter) in a week. Smells bad.


I was looking for a story on when and where you should wear your rice socks. In addition, I was hoping to hear how to make rice socks and was wondering if they're tough to get on your feet.

The worst smell at our place was when a pint of ice cream leaked behind the fridge into the coils and it took a couple of days to locate the source. No matter how many times we pulled out the fridge we couldn't see anything because we were looking on the floor. Our house guests always enjoy playing find the smell.