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Rice Pudding PWO?

Let me give you a topic…Rice pudding PWO…now discuss amongst yourselves…

(damn I miss SNL)

Seriously, I don’t have access to Surge. Will a variation of rice pudding suffice? I need ideas for an easily portable (and mass produceable) high GI food. Ive done the search and I get all sorts of answers with what kind of sugar to consume, but not what foods actually contain this Malt and Dex... Ive been eating fruit (go ahead, slap me) because I almost feel guilty about consuming high GI carbs (damn being a brainwashed girl at times!).

Also (if you care to/can answer) what would be best PWO for a 40 min cycle with intervals?

(lots of rice here)

Rice products are VERY high GI and depending on how processed and what elese they contain can be faster than sugars. Example rice chex. VERY high.

Add protein and it will do OK at getting you bye I imagine.

I love rice PWO. If I don’t have Surge, I’ll generally drink chocolate milk immediately PWO. Then about an hour later, I eat about 2-3 cups of rice and whatever protein source I have on hand (chili is great).

Rice pudding sounds pretty tasty. Any recipe to share?

How about Berardi`s Rice pudding?

Rice Pudding

Here’s a tasty little treat that is also well suited for that second jolt of fast-acting carbs and protein after your PWO shake. Or you can split it up for a couple of desserts following P+C meals. It?s a great choice to follow the Dal Masala recipe listed above.


* 1 cup cooked basmati rice. The quality, fragrance, and taste of basmati are far superior to any other rice I've ever had. Sure the GI is higher than brown rice, but in this case the taste just doesn?t compare. That?s why I like to eat it as one of the post workout meals.

Prepare the basmati rice in bulk by adding a cup of rinsed rice to 1.75 cups boiling water, cover and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes, remove from heat and fluff with a fork.

* 2 cups skim milk
* 2 scoops vanilla protein powder (try to find a brand that doesn?t taste like powdered chicken feet, and depending on the brand, you might add some Splenda to get the desired sweetness).
* 2 tablespoons sugar-free instant Jell-O vanilla pudding


On medium-low heat, simmer the cooked rice in milk for 20 minutes or so, until rice bulks-up, cover and cool for a few minutes, then add the protein powder (and Splenda if necessary), and a dash of salt, stir, cover and put in fridge until it cools. Add Jell-O mix to cooled mixture, whip, and you’re all set.

Macronutrient Profile:

* K/cal: 478
* Fat: 4 g (2s, 1m, 1p)
* Carbs: 63g (2 fiber)
* Protein: 47 g

Of course, a bit scaled down for me…


Berardi’s Rice Pudding would probably good. It’s low in fat (unlike most traditional rice pudding) which you want to minimize as much as possible PWO.

Thanks for passing that on.

For some reason, I’ve always associated rice with savory dishes. Never even considered using rice in a pudding recipe. I will now.