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rice protein


I picked up a jug of rice protein on sale at a local health food store. It tastes pretty good & is reasonably priced. Any problems with this stuff?


Mike, do you use the Nutribiotic with the added fructose and phytonutrients or just the basic rice protein powder?


What do you do for a post-work out drink? Do you make a surge like cocktail with rice protein?


Does it contain all amino acids?



WHOA WHOA WHOA, you are in the shape you're in and your a vegitarian? That's some pretty serious shit bro. Do you eat dairy?


Yes bobo he does he also eats soy too.


Soy and no titties? Does TC know this?


As far as I know, rice protein is not a complete source of amino acids and the reason that the chinese rely so heavily on soy source is that it is a good source of tryptophan compared to the rice. So just make sure that you eat other amino acid sources as well at the same time or close together.

Check out: http://www.ceandcec.com/cems.pdf
to look at the mass spec chart of AA composition.



bobo sorry wrong post meant to say Mike does not drink or intake dairy products He's a Vegan. But, he does eat soy :wink:


I don't think whey or casein--at least as hydrolysates--are higher in tryptophan than rice protein. Rice seems to be low in lysine, threonine and methionine.


oops for some reason i have posted the results for soy sauce, sorry about that! i'll try and find the rice one as i know that there's something about it that jogs my memory.


Rice protein vs whey breakdown of amino acids: www.nutribiotic.com/riceprotein.htm


Thanks for the replies. It appears from the link above that it is a complete protein.

Ever since reading MM's articles I've been intrigued by the fact that he's vegan.

Mike, how about some nutrition advice? Recipes?

I am not planning on becoming a vegetarian, but I'm always interested in new stuff to do with veggies and whole foods.