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Rice/Pasta Good or Bad Carbs?



I eat pasta/white rice to get my carbs in during the morning excluding breakfast when i have oats.

Would pasta and white rice be considered good carbs or bad carbs? i.e. like bread is crap carbs for example.




So for bulking you'd suggest rice over pasta and definetely non during cutting phases?

What carbs would be good to bulk and are cleaner than pasta/rice but go well with chicken, beef, veggies etc?



Ok i have a sizeable portion of oats in the morning which brings me to about 100g of carbs. I need to intake 250 however. How can i get 150g of carbs from veggies as they seem to be the only other option available together with oats??

I could have more oats, but i'm at work and can't prepare myself some porridge so i need to bring my meals with veggies instead...


How about sweet potatoes, white/red potatoes, whole wheat pasta or brown rice or long grain rice? They would make good alternatives since they aren't as processed as white rice and regular pasta. Also, they have more nutrients, especially the sweet potatoes.


I'd work around taking in white rice/white bread if I were you. True they are fast acting carbs, but personally I'm not for taking in junky food when nutritious alternatives are there to work with - namely brown/wild rice and say organic pasta. Both of which I intake considerably to help bulk up. Consider 'bulgor' too as a good bulking food as an alternative to rice [ better in terms of proteins, fiber, nutrients].


You beat me to it; that was my next suggestion regarding potatoes- but I'd take red over white as they fare better in terms of G.I [glycemic index]. Sweet potatoes over both of those.


I actually read an article (Berardi) I believe that stated that while the GI of white rice was very high the "Insulin Index" of white rice was much lower than expected. I can't seem to find it right now though. Can anybody else back me up on this?


That Barilla Plus pasta is the shit! 17g of protein per serving, 7g fiber, 360mg of Omega-3s, you can't beat the stuff.


Pasta and rice are good for bulking, especially if you have a problem with low appetite. I'm always ravenous within two hours of consuming either. That's why I tend not to eat either of them much any more. Their "satiety index" is horrible.


When I do eat pasta I eat whole wheat pasta.


What do you have to add to it so it doesn't taste like the box it came in?


I'm right there with you. I've recently started using that specific pasta for my whole food meal after my PWO shake. I honestly just load as much as I can onto a plate, throw some organic marinara on top, and have some cottage cheese on the side.

I know most wouldn't suggest the cottage cheese, but I've experimented with different protein sources for my whole food meal and cottage cheese has worked best for me.

Anyways, sorry to hijack the thread. Personally, I only eat whole-wheat pasta or any other starchy carb post-workout unless I'm bulking. My insulin sensitivity isn't great, so I stick with fruits and veggies the rest of the day. Experiment with it and see what works for you.

However, if you're bulking, be more liberal with your carb choices. I'm currently bulking, so I haven't been quite as strict with starchy carbs as compared to cutting/maintenance phases and it is really paying off. As long as you're active, you're not going to put on a ton of fat. Besides, you'll be able to drop it when you cut. Sorry for the ramble.



I found basmati rice both tasty and reasonably slow-release. You just have to be prepared to pay a bit more for The King of Rices.


Did somebody say PASTA???


Haha, with my Dad's side of the family being from Sicily, I had to check out this thread. Woo pasta.


I don't mind it. I know around here many have expressed their opinion on the matter, and find the taste and texture similar to my work boot insoles. I LOVE Italian, I think as long as it's in angel hair form my brain just knows it's pasta and tells my mouth to eat all that is in sight regardless of taste.