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Rice Milk Info?

My wife does not want to give cows milk to our 9 year old because his doctor says it may be adding to his eczema.

I was wondering if anyone has info on rice milk, or know of any good web sites? Is it safer than regular milk, healthier, less hormones?

I have heard that lactose intolerance can cause skin conditions; perhaps that it. You could just try lactose free milk if that’s the case. Never tried rice milk and to be honest, I don’t really want to.
When I drink milk, I go organic and depending on who’s staying with me, lactose free.

I believe that was the reason the doctor said was it can be related to lactose intolerance.
He also sugested keeping him away from sugar, and highly processed foods.

Try unsweetened, vanilla flavored almond milk. Good stuff when used in shakes and cereals/oats.