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Rice Maltodextrin & Rice Oligodextrin

What’s the difference? Now before someone shoots me I researched the net as far reaching as I possibly can…and the only thing I can find is the maltodextrin and oligodextrin difference.

From what I understand is that the chains are different however when I read the product descriptions they sound exactly the same, the values are also the same roughly. I’ve searched forums and other places but I can’t find any relevant discussion on Rice Maltodextrin enough to decide the difference.

"*****'s Organic Rice Maltodextrin is derived from rice rather than corn, which may help to reduce much of the cramping and bloating that is commonly associated with carbohydrates that are derived from corn. During this process the starch of the rice is either exposed to acid or enzymes to partially digest and break down the starch into smaller polymers. Similar to the human bodies first steps in breaking down carbohydrates.

Though these polymers are derivatives of Rice Dextrose, Rice Maltodextrin is complex in nature and has a slower digestion time. These glucose polymers are metabolized at a slower rate compared to its â??sisterâ?? compound, and should be used accordingly during sporting activities. Rice Maltodextrin has a very bland taste, and very little sweetness if any. Rice Maltodextrin easily dissolves into many different liquids and needs no blender or shaker to be palatable."


“Rice Oligodextrin should be used by persons wanting a low glycemic carbohydrate source. Rice Oligodextrin is a great alternative to maltodextrin (which is a high GI carbohydrate). Oligodextrin will not cause a great insulin spike”

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that bloat from highly processed corn starches like those listed is not common, maybe wheat, not corn though.
If you are getting bloated from them (instead of the fact that you are consuming carbs), then look into either of the rice ones.

I will also say that there is basically no difference between all these regarding insulin output, or really anything else you are looking for. So unless you feel like shit from corn products, I’d go with what’s cheapest.