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Rice Cakes (Technical)

Okay, now, this question is not as simple as it might seem.
What is it particularly that makes rice cakes so bad period. Sure, we all know about their high as hell GI, thus spiking insulin. But let’s talk post-workout- Is there really, truly any difference between using rice cakes or any other high GI carb? Do Rice Cakes keep insulin higher for longer periods of time then other carbs with the same GI?. Obviously rice cakes (i.e., Quaker caramel) are no good at any other time, but strictly speaking, post-workout, what makes them any worse or better than any other high GI carb?
Later Vain
PS: reason I ask is that it seems that they have been implicated as storing fat like no other carb source there is. I am just not clear on why.
Peace out vain.

Rice cakes have a bad rep because fat women think they can eat rice cakes all day, on a low fat diet and lose weight. If it works, it’s because their calories are real low, but it’s more likey they’ll put on fat from eating so many carbs, and end up diabetic. As for eating them post-workout, just don’t do it. You should know what to do if you read T-mag articles. High GI (gluocose/malto) beverages right after the workout are scientifically proven to work better than food at increasing protein synthesis and decreasing muscle catabolism. Leave the rice cakes for fat, ignorant, lazy housewives.

Vain: I think that the bad rap is a combination of 1)the high GI COUPLED WITH 2)their mass marketing as some great and wonderful “diet food” (along with Bagels, Tofu and “fat-free” snacks).

So…INHERENTLY probably not “so” bad (except with the additional fact that many of these snack foods are made with trans-fatty acids), BUT should be used (if at all)in a VERY limited fashion in our diets.

I hate rice cakes, that aside, IMO, rice cakes combined with a hydrolysated whey protein would make an excellent post WO “meal”. It will cause the same blood sugar and insulin spike of other high GI carb sources (maltodextrin or dextrose). I’ve noticed El_Machine likes white bread with honey for his post WO sugar/insulin spike. Whatever works.

Thanks all, very informative. I agree wholeheartedly about the marketing thing. I try to use some sort of anabolic recovery beverage post workout, but sometimes i like a shake with honey. Ironically, honey has a relatively low GI value, and research suggests it may stabalize blood glucose levels after its absorption (thus preventing a bad insulin spike). However, at times, either on a carb load or post-workout, i do eat quaker rice cakes (only caramel or apple cinamon) and at that, its only 7 of them, which is only 77 carbs. Ironically, I find that carbs post-workout for me are not terribly important. If i eat minimal carbs with high protein right after the workout, and save the carbs for either the next morning or some low GI ones prior to bed, it works wonders for me.
later vain

I believe it’s all up to the individual. Rice has a somewhat high GI value, however, I can eat white rice and still get lean at the same time. I’ve only used the GI as a way to gauge what I eat pre-workout. It’s not my bible for what I eat - I eat what I want.

So, Vain I think it's just the "stigma" of rice cakes that gets some people. I personally don't find them much different than a styrofoam cup, so I avoid 'em. But to each his/her own, right? If they work for you, than by all means, continue muchin' 'em.

Actually, due to this whole bread/acrylamide thingy, I might switch to rice post-workout. Currently I’m eating 11 slices of bread a day, and that seems a bit much.

I see no reason why you have to stick to what everyone is doing. Just understand the process of what you’re trying to accomplish, and go from there. (PS: I used to think that honey was entirely glucose, that’s why I used it - but there’s fructose in there too. But really, you need something to wet the bread)