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Rice Cakes, Good or Evil??

I’ve recently read a journal that said that rice cakes are really bad for you.

I’ve always been under the impression they were a good part of a healthy diet and unfortunately been munching them down with my cottage cheese for quite some time!!!

Can someone clear this up for me?


They have a GI close to 100…tell me what you think.

GI doesn’t matter, sane people do not eat rice cakes plain. Its easy to combine them with a low GI food. I used to get the brown rice ones and smother them when peanut butter. They’re a great option when you want something sandwich-like but without eating a lot of carbs.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

I tried rice cakes once when they first became popular about 20 years ago. It answered the question of “where do all those recycled styrofoam packing peanuts go?” Now you know.

The one’s I use are organic with 28 cals, 5g carbs, which only 0.2 are sugars. Surely they can’t be bad for you?!

I always eat them with low-fat cottage cheese if that makes any difference.

They make great insulation.

I’d like to know WHY people eat them?

[quote]Serd wrote:
They have a GI close to 100…tell me what you think.[/quote]

As long as you eat them with fat and fiber it will slow down absorbtion.
I used to eat them with peanut butter and oatmeal in the morning whenever I was cutting.Didn’t hurt me.

I’ve used them pre-show as a carb up. They are great for that. I have found some organic brown rice cakes that my kids like. If you are going to eat them just do it at the right time of your day ( and not the entire bag! )

I like the special ones like Peanut Butter and Cracker Jack

[quote]danchubbz wrote:
I’ve always been under the impression…


i would guess maybe because they have been marketed as healthy snacks (hell they are low fat - rolling eyes). food that is actually healthy is not directly marketed as such advertising would make it ridiculously expensive. producers of processed grain products are able to have large misinformation campains based on misperceptions about what causes people to be overweight.

if you want to eat rice cakes, don’t eat them because they are healthy. they most certainly are not and are devoid of nutrients. eat them because you choose to eat them as part of your diet which should otherwise include lean animal protein, fruits and veggies, and healthy fats. eating them before or after a workout may actually help you somewhat, but there are many better products (Surge) that fit the bill.

there is no such thing as good and evil, but as nutritional choices go, rice cakes are barely above fast food in the hierarchy of optimizing nutrient intake.

[quote]BGB wrote:
I’d like to know WHY people eat them?[/quote]

They taste good

what do u guys suggest I put my cottage cheese on to make them more edable?