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Ricardo Mayorga in MMA


A former champion who isn't super old, and said he's training other aspects (bjj etc...) How do you think he will do, smoking aside.


If a fringe boxer like marcus davis can come in and be somewhat successfull I dont see why mayorga couldn't if he trained with the right guys. On anothher note I think the days where washouts from other sports like boxing or the NFL can start a second career in mma are starting too come too a close.


I don't think he's the right guy. He was a good puncher, and a tough guy, but not a good technical boxer. That combined with a very very late entrance into MMA training and poor attitude/habits will keep him from doing well.


Big name fighter that lost most of his fights against other big name fighters. Never quite had the skill to compete at the top.

However, any MMA fighter foolish enough to stand and trade with him will get what they deserve... but I don't think that Mayorga will pick up BJJ in a couple weeks.

As Pretzel Logic said, his attitude and habits will keep from going far (although his trash talking should fit in fine.)


I agree with everyone's take on Mayorga....but as alluded to,I wouldn't take him lightly. He's apparently been training at AKA for a bit now....and those guys will not take his bullshit(and his bad habits)or they will kick him to the curb. So he must be doing something right....for now. I'm sure he's getting his ass handed to him on a daily basis by that group of guys.


He was never a particularly skilled fighter in the first place though. DLH made him look like an amateur.


True...and DLH wasn't the only one.


mayorga's wild punching is perfect for mma.. anyone who stands with him would be in for a war, he has tons of bravado and anger..

he would get sub'd so easy though, but ill definitely be interested in seeing him fight mma.. he was always very wild in boxing which is a detriment when facing skilled boxers, but in mma, wild can be very good.. once he's taken down its fight over.


has he said what weight hes going too fight at?