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Ric Flair's 400-Pound Deadlift


Currently making the rounds in celebrity news:

Some people could say, “that’s not 400 pounds” or “someone with his damaged body shouldn’t be conventional deadlifting” or “the form was too loose and the bar swayed too much.”

But we all know the only thing to say is… Woooooooo :open_mouth:

He was actually a big, beefy dude when he started wrestling in the very early-70s, before turning into the high stylin’, profilin’, limousine ridin’, women on Space Mountain-ridin’ Nature Boy.


Is that same guy ? I think the original nature boy was also George animal steel. In the late 90s i went to the gym and the gym owner said you just missed it , nature boy ric flair, and randy savage were just in here lifting.
Good for Ric all that wrestling just walking around has to be painful.


Was he ever cocky back then! Got his autograph years ago.


Do you remember when people would argue if it was real or not, i though they landed on trampoline like mat until i read animals book.
Or when Mr T and hulk hogan , had those huge springs they would sqeeze together, anyway i bought one of those i cant remember the name of product but almost knocked myself out a few times when grip slipped.


I used to run into Virgil quite a bit at a convenience store. The guy is pretty impressive face to face.


Lol… yes! Always a debate. It’s fake! Blah blah blah.
Can’t remember what the spring thingy was called either. Shit!


Flair’s book was one of the most entertaining things I ever read. Picked it up at an airport to kill time while heading to Vegas and I seriously tore through it. Some crazy, damn funny stuff even if you’re not a wraslin’ fan.

I actually have an old Flair t-shirt that never fails to get attention when I wear it out to run a few errands -lol.




I’m not into wrestling by any stretch … used to love it in when I was a kid through high school.

My take is that, yea, it’s scripted, but the shit those guys do is NOT fake by any means. There aren’t any ropes and that’s usually real blood pouring from their foreheads.

If it was fake, they could probably get better actors haha


I hear ya on the better actors. I loved it when I was a kid! Been to many matches. Ended once with a Fabulous Freebird in my moms lap…lol she was NOT pleased. But, boy was it entertaining back then. :smiley:


The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun!

Dude has still got it.


The form was loo…
just kidding. Older guys who keep lifting anyway are awesome. Woooooooo!


Nah, the first Nature Boy was Buddy Rogers. From what I remember, Steele was pretty much always the Animal.

When I was like 6 or 7, I got Hulkster’s workout set for Christmas.

I still have the dumbbells. They’re 3 pounds each, the “retro” cement in plastic-style. Once in a while I use them for shoulder prehab stuff.


This was different a thing but i remember the hulkster set. Hogan always regrets turning down endorsing ( George Foreman grill) they asked him before George.


I used to berate wrestling in the 80s when all my friends thought it was real but once they admitted it was for fun I then enjoyed it. The shit talking and stuff before was better than the actual matches I think.


Well the thing is that real violence isn’t actually entertaining. It’s ugly and short. I don’t think anyone is really pretending that wrestling is real anymore. It’s so much better than that. Those guys put on one hell of a show.


I had no idea you were still around.


Me? I sodded off for a long time while I got depressed, was prescibed an antidepressant with a side effect of suicidal ideation, punched a guy, got arrested and generally fucked my life up for a few months. Now I’m back but in a rather less obsessive manner.


welcome back.




Wouldn’t expect any less :smiley: