Ribs Touching Hip Bone

If you guys stand up and bend sideways, keep bending, do your bottom ribs eventually come into contact with the top of your hip bone?

Mine do, despite the fact that I don’t have a short torso. In fact, I have a long torso for my height, but my pelvis seems very long…

Was wondering whether this was normal?

A second, related question I have is - is it possible for the distance between the ribs and the hip to have shrunk (i.e. meaning you have shrunk in height) WITHOUT damaging your back?

These days I have a compressive feeling in my abdomen. I was thinking this compressive feeling would have been due to my torso being shortened and my ribs pressing on my guts, but I have no back pain or sciatica, so I don’t know how my spine could have been damaged leading to my torso becoming shortened…?