I have used Ribose-C with great results. I was wondering if anyone has used any of the powdered ribose products out there, and if they work as well as Ribose-C.

The powdered/capsule ribose products also
work for me. But not as well as RiboseC. BTW,
I actually find ribose to be more useful to
me than creatine.

It’s been my experience that ribose needs to be in high doses to be effective. I’ve experimented up to 20g per day and that 0.2g/kg of lean bodyweight was the most effective dose. This very cost prohibitive mind you. But if you have the cash… I din’t get anything out of ~5g or less.

I’ve used 3 different brands of ribose(powders) and have had the same effect.I get excellent amount of muscle torque effect from ribose.I use 6gms before w/o and then another 6gms for post w/o. Maybe muscle energy is the term I’m looking for. I like the effect of it over creatine. Personal preference of course!

Thanks guys. I got great bodyweight gains from my first time on creatine. After that the gains diminished. Ribose has helped me with recovery from workout to workout. I definitely prefer it to creatine.

I have been using RiboseC for about 3 months now. I first used it according to the label, but didn’t feel much effect during my workouts. In the last 2 months, I’ve been taking my dose first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. My workouts are always much better with that method. I seem to benefit more overall from this dosing method.

I’d have to jump on the bandwagon of getting better results from Ribose than creatine. No, I didn’t put on any bodyweight like people have with creatine. But I used it during GVT and I was able to get through those workouts with energy and enthusiasm, as well as add the 3 supplementary sets at the end. Next time I try it, I will probably up the dosage a bit though to see any effects. BTW, I used RiboseSize by MuscleLink.

How many grams per day? What is your dosing schedule?