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Hey guys, what is current situation w/ the use of ribose? Does any body use it w/ any noticeable differences in strength? After reading about it in The sports supp. review #4 I thought it would become more popular. According to one study in the book ribose use had something like a 10-15% greater increase in muscular endurance output, so shouldn’t there be a more widespread use of this supp. now. It seems like it pretty much fizzled away w/ a long line of others.

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, why did biotest stop making ribose-c. I actually thought the stuff worked but maybe it was in my mind. I want an opinion from someone from t-mag on that, should I keep buying creatine and ribose together, or is it just not worth it.

I’ve used ribose off and on and I always felt better recovery between sets towards the end of my WO’s while using ribose. When not using ribose, I sometimes would tend to run out of steam towards the end of intense WO’s and ribose seemed to prevent this. I found though, that for best effect, I would use 2 grams with my creatine before WO and then use another 2 grams under my tongue half way through WO and that 2nd dose under the tongue seemed to keep my intensity up towards the end of WO. Whether it’s cost effective or not, I’m not sure. I’ve had the same WO staying power effect from Surge after I started to sip my surge throughout the WO so that I had drank all the Surge by about 3/4 the way through WO and that has helped me a lot also.