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Ribose C

I got 3 bottles of Ribose C for my birthday and am curious about if I can mix it with Powerdrive 30 minutes before my workout and with my Grow/maltodextrin post-workout drink? This would be the most convenient way for me but I want the most out of all these supplements! I really don’t see any problems but I called Biotest and the lady answering the phone said not to take with Grow?!?!? Any ideas why? I can maybe see interactions between PowerDrive and Ribose C but Grow? All help will be greatly appreciated! - Matt

You’ll lose the benefit of the Tyrosine in Power Drive by consuming it with other proteins/amino acids as in Grow!.

I meant if I mix Ribose C with Power Drive pre-workout and then later mix Ribose C with Grow post- workout! Not Grow with PowerDrive! Thanks for your response though! - Matt

I think it might be ok with Ribose-C (?)…I asked Chris Shugart this a while back, but it was in reference to mixing it with an MRP. You don’t want to mix it with other proteins. Seems to me that Ribose-C would be ok.

Do you guys use Ribose-C pre, post-workout or both? I recently switched to pre-workout only and haven’t noticed any decreases in performance.

Powerdrive and Ribose-C combined is often recommended by chris shugart for pre-workout. I think he adds caffeine too.

Hey guys, thanks for your responses. I called Billy at Biotest and he said that mixing Ribose C with Grow hinders absorption! He says he takes Ribose C post workout only then has his shake when he gets home! (Thanks Billy and Biotest for having great technical support!)So using only one serving per day seems to be an alternative dosing schedule. I am gonna try using 1 serving of Ribose C pre-workout only mixed with Power Drive and see how that goes! I let you know how it works out! - Matt

A while ago Tim said not to take Ribose C with other carbs as this would affect the absorption of the ribose. Perhaps that’s why the lady at Biotest said not to mix Ribose C and Grow!. Also there’s a little bit of fat in Grow! which would slow the absorption. Just my guess.