After working out should Ribose C be taken with post workout shake—-or should I separate the consumption between the two?

Will, I’ve always had the best results just adding my creatine (I use Prolabs 'Performance Creatine) with my after workout MRP (Grow!)…after all, creatine is found in whole foods so if your body couldn’t absorb it with other nutrients we’d all be in serious trouble! :wink:

Ideally, you should take it right after your workout and give it time to “soak in”. Then, 15 or 20 minutes later you can have your post workout shake. That said, I usually just dump it in my shake. Helps bump up the carb intake.

does ribose c contain some sort of transport in it or would you need to take some sort of high gi carb with it as well? right now i’m using regular met-rx creatine and i am mixing it in with my post workout shape which contains vanilla grow and grape juice. thinking about ordering some ribose c in the near future though. would i still need the grape juice?

Yes, Ribose-C has it’s own delivery system for the creatine, the only truly stable liquid on the market. (Liquid yes, but it’s actually really thick. Sweet, too. Tastes great.) No need for juice. Of course, it also has ribose so it makes for a great pre-workout product. I like it mixed with Power Drive and a caffeine tablet.