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Ribos on low Carb Diet

I can get Ribose at a great price. I am wondering if on a low carb diet it would be worth while to use as a pre-workout supp to get me through my training sessions?! Has this stuff disapeared because it did not pan out or because it is just so damn expensive to make?!

I’m a big fan of ribose. For me (and it has been true for others as well) it’s a supplement that makes a really clear difference, definitely allowing more reps on later sets. Now, I don’t know that getting more reps on later sets must cause more growth, but I like that effect anyhow.

I believe that the commercial non-success of the Ribose-C product was due to cost and the public just never latching onto it as a “hot” supplement, even though it has such an obvious and significant effect.

(Believe me, the guy who came up with the silly saying, “Invent a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door,” never did, because it does not work this way. All sorts of excellent products do not become accepted even with considerable work going to promote them, let alone some fantasy that the world will come to you! But I digress.)

I’ve never used a ribose product other
than Ribose-C, but have often thought about looking for some bulk ribose, and certainly expect to do so, as I have run out of Ribose-C.

I can get the RiboForce HP from EAS and the Old Biotest stuff. Inm fact I bought up a bunch of both, once the Biotest iis gone I have to use the EAS, I assume the EAS will still offer many Ribose esq perks?

I don’t know anything about the product specifically, but I’d certainly expect so.

Just wondering how much you guys take in a day to see an effect? What about timing?

I once heard that taking ribose and protein together can negate some of the effect of the ribose. This theory supposedly came from the fact that the browning of meat when cooking is due to the ribose and aminos in the meat reacting. Have you heard anything about this?
Oh yeah, and I too think ribose works great. Wish Biotest would keep making it.

I have some powdered ribose that is two months past the expiration date. It is clumpy, which makes me think that moisture got in the container. Do you believe that this ribose is still effective?


I don’t know any reason why protein and ribose
together would be bad. Aside from not seeing any biochemical reason, I always used them together and always got good results from the ribose.

Ribose should be fine even if water got into it. The water alone does no harm to ribose. Eventually it could oxidize to ribaric acid (harmless but probably useless) but this probably occurs no faster than the same situation with glucose in water, which does not seem a serious problem. In other words, since no one worries about glucose in water oxidizing to glucaric acid, it seems to me there should be no need to worry about ribose degrading to ribaric acid under ordinary storage conditions just from absorbing some water from the air or whatever.

Thanks for your response Bill. I have one more question about ribose.
Why isn’t ribose metabolized the same way as other sugars?

I've used ribose with great results, but I don't understand why it is not broken down in the gut like every other carbohydrate. Can you explain this?

Many carbohydrates, such as starch, or maltodextrin, are composed of many single units of sugar (or saccharides) joined together. Under acidic conditions, or by action of enzymes, these chains of simple saccharides are broken down to their constituent parts.

There are also sugars which have only two saccharides: for example, sucrose has both a fructose and a glucose joined together, and lactose has a glucose and a galactose linked together. Before being actually burned for energy, these also are broken down into their constituent parts.

Simple saccharides like glucose, fructose, and ribose aren’t broken down in the gut because they’re already down to the simplest possible form of being only one unit. It’s one of those things that you can’t tell from just the name, and so as you noted it’s not obvious why it wouldn’t be broken down.