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Ribcage Pain....

I have had this weird problem that maybe someone could shed some light on. Once and a while I get this weird pain in my ribs/sternum that just seems to show up and linger for days. The sternum pain doesn’t hurt but if I take a deep breath, it kind of pops. Sometimes I get a pain off to the the sides like someone is stabbing me in the chest. I have been performing alot of dips and heavy chins lately and maybe that’s causing it. Like I said I don’t feel a pain like I injured it…just kind of comes on almost like a tendonitis…Weird huh? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I too had this problem…and I know that if you do a search on this topic it has been covered at least twice already. Make sure your form on dips is perfect and maybe lay off of them for a while. Also stretch your chest a lot more. That’s my advice…good luck!

Almost sounds like you have a misalignment of your spine in that area, thus irratating a nerve and causing the pain.

At least that is a guess from past experience and the deep breath thing is what leads me to believe it.

sounds like costochondritis to me.

I too have been experiencing pain in the sternum while doing dips which has now extended to during bench press as well. X rays show up fine.

I have searched the forum and seen that although several others have had a similar complaint, responses have been generally inconclusive for something which appears to be rather common.

Anyone have any insight into what typically causes this? The usual suspects? Poor form? Muscle imbalances? Too much weight? (Which relates to poor form) Inadequate stretching?

Any ideas on rehabbing it once the usual rest and medication proves ineffective?

yes, costochondritis sounds possible. It can refer quite strong pain out around the ribs and down the arms. Modify your training and/or see someone.

antiliberal…it could be a misalignment in the ribs. Maybe he pulled them a little out of place which could cause that too. That’s what my ART dude said, and just popped them back into proper place.

T-puppy: I’m from North Providence. Where is your ART practitioner located? BTW, feel free to PM me anytime. Maybe we can train together one of these days. I’d also really like to get a RI/MA T-Cell going.

There is only one ART specialist around the area. HE SUCKS! He was the closest one to me and he really really sucks! Basically, I would come in and say “I can’t bench anymore because i have a problem with my tricep”. So he shows me a bunch of pics and talks about ‘those’ pics with his jargon for about 5 minutes every session, then he ‘massages’ or touches the painfull area or whatever the hell he did and that took about 2 minutes. Then he wanted to schedule another meeting and so on…that’s bullshit! He is the ONLY chiropracter working there and he schedules appointments every 10 minutes. So since he is the only one working there it gives him max 8-9 minutes with you while you pay $70.