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Rib Separation and Shoulder Workout

So i seperated a rib from my sternum and long story short i cant do any overhead work (i.e. shoulder press). Do you know of any anterior deltoid workouts that dont involve anything overhead. I’ve already come up with neutral grip db bench. Anything else? Thanks alot

I did the same thing playing football when I was like 14yrs old. i’m 37 now, and it gives me zero problems. At first it would cause me a lot tightness in the chest and an audible popping sound when I stretch- especially first thing in the morning. I’m not sure if there are specific things to do to rehab that.

i know it’s very common among football players. I remember hearing that Phil Simms the ex-giant quarterback had like 2 or 3 ribs seperated from his sternum. As long as the ribs aren’t pushed inward toward the organs you should be o.k. with the exception of some tightness, disomfort and the occasional popping.