Rib Pain After Bench

I’m far from strong but I ask this on the PL forum because I figure you guys have the most experience pushing your bodies.

I had a really good bench day yesterday, worked up to 195X3, and then did some top-half bench with boards on my chest. The next day one of my ribs was very tender to the touch and hurt if I inhaled deeply into my chest.

My question is: Can you dislocate or hurt ribs by pressing? Please believe me when I say that I know it was not from impact. I brought the bar to my chest in a controlled PL style. This has happened before, probably 4-5 times, always after bench workouts.

Thank you for your time, and for any insight you may provide.

Could be one of a million things, which rib? and where is the pain (front, back, or side)?

Could be a simple little ab strain or something like that. Also, some days after a good chest dowrkout my chest and torso are sotight that it is hard to breathe deep until i really get stretched out

It’s a muscular strain or joint sprain . Be careful , get it treated and build up gradually .

Strained serratus?

Breathe to your belly, not to your chest while you’re training. (All the time, actually!) It may help.

Thank you all for replying. STB, it’s in my right rib, 2nd from the bottom, and it hurts right where it meets my sternum. I will certainly concentrate on breathing when I bench for now.

I really hope it’s not this… But if you are doing a bounce press you could be bruising yourself with the bar… Lol I hope that happens to everyone that bounce presses so I don’t have to watch them in the gym