Rib Injury From Deadlifting???

I was doing deads and felt a pop or snap on my right side bottom rib or floater. Its been almost a week and it still hurts. Can anyone explain how your rib gets injred while deadlifting? Anyone ever have this happen?

I’m not a doctor, but it might be a pulled ab or intercostal?

I’ve had those. Pretty much just have to wait them out.

Get on the EFS Q&A and Ask Brian Carroll. He is dealing with the exact same thing.


Thanks JpeggEFS I asked Brian. I have a bench meet in a month and I think I am scrwed. I was showing my wife a bench with a pause last night with her weight (95lbs) and that hurt my rib. Not good! She keeps saying go to the doctor but I cannot see what there going to do. The rib cant be broke. I didnt tak a blow to it. I think its a muscle thing. Almost like the muscle is out of place.

Were you wearing a belt?

I was not wearing a belt. This was definatly not that heavy of a set. It was 260lbs. I was trying to go light and work on form and holding my core tight. It popped after the bar was past my knees and I was about to lock out.

last time i think i also inured my rib…but iwas doing db rows with 175…it hurted like hell when doing them …but nah some rest and just tolering the pain when dpoing them again…also i was wearing a bell

I had a similar sounding injury when I was warming up for ME squats, this was about 15 years ago. I had a torn oblique. It kept “popping” and it sounded like knuckles cracking. I couldn’t lift for a month, and then could only use machines for the following month. I was training for the ADFPA New England’s and had to bow out. Totally sucked.

happened to me a few times while squatting… once while deadlifting… my doctor described it as pulling a rib out of place or out of its socket… hurts like hell for a week + depending on how bad it is… once it went out really bad and damaged some soft tissue, took almost 3 weeks to feel right… I was able to stop it from happening by keeping my back tighter through stand-ups and rack pulls and not doing any sort of chiropractic or massage any where near a heavy squat day… my chiropractor was on speed dial when this was happening as he was usually able to fix it up for me…

Went to the cyropractor today. He felt that I had some tissue damage and ultra sound may help. So thats what we did. I will let you know how it goes.

Anyone think a belt would have prevented this?

[quote]IKIMURA wrote:
Went to the cyropractor today. He felt that I had some tissue damage and ultra sound may help. So thats what we did. I will let you know how it goes.

Anyone think a belt would have prevented this?[/quote]

i think that that was the cause…but better fuck a rib than your lower back…

cus you still can do alot of stuffs with a rib pain…

probably subluxated (partially dislocated) a rib and tore a bit of intercostal with it. Yeah it sucks. I did it bilaterally to both floaters and had some serious issues for a couple of months. Oblique injury can also do it like said above, but from your description this sounds more ribby to me.

I was able to get back in the gym after two weeks, but absolutely hated my life.

Couple of years ago I landed on my right-side floaters after slipping on a high bar when performing muscle-ups in the rain… stupid idea I know… my right hand slipped right off the wet bar at the top of the movement causing me to swing down landing right on the bar on my inner right side… rolled off and managed to land on my right arm when hitting the ground… my wife said it was one of the most sickening noises she ever heard…

Considering the fall I was lucky that I received only slight hairline fractures in the 11th and 12th floaters and the No. 9 false (No. 10 false was remarkably unscathed), severely bruised ribs (No. 3 to 8), as well as heavily bruising my external oblique, transverse abdominis, external intercostals and lower serratus.

End result… one week of no sleep… one month of agony… followed by two months of itchy throbbing discomfort… spent most of my training time hill sprinting… dips and wide pull-ups were doable if performed slowly… everything else was painful. Burpees were the worst!

Ribs (and that general area) take time to heal; so take it easy as you can easily re-injury and make it worse (speaking from first hand experience!)… I found that rubbing Vicks and Tiger/Monkey balm on the injured area works great. Good luck.

I’ve been told i had the partially dislocated rib, i got it from heavy rack pulls. i reinjured it several times, and eventually it just went away. i did not do anything special for it other than not rack pull heavy for a little while.

I did this a month back during heavy DB rows. My left side is still aching, and I had to drop squats, and especially deadlifts and rows for a couple of weeks. It is slowly getting better, but in the meantime I just have to bite the pain. Now it only hurts when lifting, not at any other time.