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Rib Cage Pain While Benching

So I am on my wendler 5/3/1 cycle 2 week 1,on my 5+ set of bench. I went all out trying to hit a rep PR, on my 9th rep i started feeling pain in my right rib cage, i did 1 more rep then had to rack the weight as the pain goten quite bad. I moved on to my accessories etc, i didint feel any pain. But if I breath hard i can feel very slight pain. Now my worry is I get the same pain next week when i do my rep PR set for bench.
Anyone had this before and any ideas why this is happening?

If its related to the benching than it sounds like you may be bouncing the bar off your chest or being to aggressive on the descent. If it hurts when the muscles are activated while doing a bench press or chest press than its probably muscular related.

Do you have an allergy to legit examination from a health professional?


At the very least it sounds like Costochondritis, but I am a stranger on the internet and not a medical professional. See your doctor.