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Rhomboid Strain?


Hey guys... so today I was going to go heavy on some Snatch Push Presses like I usually do, and my first warm-up set of 135 lbs, right as I got under the bar (without even doing the rep), I felt a pinch on the medial border of my left scapula. Now when I tilt my head down, I feel the pain in the same spot. I'm thinking it's a rhomboid major/minor strain since these muscles are connected to the C-spine as well. It feels like a big knot.

Anyways... anyone have any input as to what else it could be (the pain is not high enough to be the levator scapulae)? And if it's the rhomboid, how long does it last, and is this something I should go see an ART/Graston practitioner about?

In the mean time, I'm going to ice it, as well as roll it with a LAX ball.




Do any arm motions bring it on (horiz adduction, abduction, retraction, protraction, etc)? or is the only provocative motion neck flexion. Any change with deep respiration? Any positions decrease pain?


The only arm motion where I really feel it is scapula protraction. That and the neck are really the two movements. And I feel it with deep breaths, and any time I burp or sneeze.


I'm assuming no to temporary relief with the Lacrosse ball? Rhomboid's a possibility, but I'm thinking more a rib articulation. If you have a good ART chiro you can see they should be able to wrap it up relatively quickly (1-3 visits unless it's something more serious). Manip the rib and then any soft tissue to clean up whatever is in the area. Obviously this is always difficult to be certain without laying eyes or hands on you, but that's what I'm thinking.


no relief actually with the lacrosse ball. In fact it seems a bit deeper than the rhomboid so you may be right about the rib, that is intresting, would have never thought about that. I may make an appt. with my chiro who does Graston on Tuesday.


so update... just came back from the Chiro.

He started off with some electrical stimulation and some hot towels for blood flow. Then used some machine that vibrates a lot, and put a lot of pressure with that on my whole T-spine and to the left of it between the spine/scapula. He then did some Graston around the scapula/spine, and then did some manipulations of the T-spine, and found the spot where the rib is that causes the pain. It definitely is a rib subluxation because of how it felt right on that spinous process of the vertebrae... it actually radiated to the medial aspect of the left scapula. Anyways, he tried to manipulate/correct it but for some reason it just wouldn't give. He said to come back in a week as it may take a couple more treatments for the subluxation to give. What do you guys think>


another update - found a ART-qualified chiro in my area so I will be seeing him Monday morning.

also tried manipulating the damn rib myself on a LAX ball and also on a foam roller - that didn't work, haha.